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Found 2 results

  1. Measures seems to be working now, but my pics accepted on Monday are still not in my port nor are they searchable. Update: now updated
  2. Guest

    Alamy front end

    Since you asked for ideas.... Ever since Digital Railroad crashed, I've been looking for a front-end-no-fancy-no-hype solution for online licensing. I've looked, experienced, and paid for them all (the usual suspects), but I have found none of them to be very suitable, not coming close to the simplicity and down-to earth offering of DRR. I have touched on this before in the alamy forum (even before DRR crashed). A contributor front end (a simple, fixed design would be fine), perhaps similar to the alamy site, except with option for own logo/name linked back into the alamy database. All I need to do is upload to alamy in the usual way. In my site, I can be selective which images show up (eg "display only pseudo X" etc). Licensing directly from the personal site gives me a certain % of the fee (higher than the current contributor commission . Alamy gets the rest. All the back-end licensing activities goes through the alamy site (and is clearly stated in the T&C on my site....). This is a kind of simplified mini-distributor setup. Perhaps even a channel to bypass QC for images I want on my own site only would be an option (since it costs you nothing to store images these days), increasing the possiblity to earn fees (both alamy and me) for images not even on the alamy site. I would jump at this kind of solution, and would also pay for the option (the fee being the price I pay to offload the back end part). It would simplify my workflow considerably, and add a synergy not available at the usual suspects (who do nothing to support sales of the images they have on file....unlike alamy). just dreaming again........time to wake up (?)
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