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  1. Can't upload as my photographs are stored on Google Photos and evidently don't have the required data. Is there anyway round this?
  2. Spreadsheets

    Hi, Do we need an image of the video footage on the spreadsheet containing the data for the video file? What data info is required? Thank you.
  3. I have tried to get some images on Alamy. I followed their submission rules very carefully and so was dismayed to encounter problems. I have tried several times and always fail their Quality Control check for the reason "Data loss or corruption". I checked their website for details of what that means and then checked my images very carefully and could see nothing wrong. So I emailed their Member Services for advice. They sent me a copy of two of my failed images and I was shocked to see the obvious corruption - the whole of the images were a wreck! Obviously I hadn't knowingly submitted them like that. I used their online upload facility and can only assume there is a problem between my computer system and theirs. I use an Apple Mac. I googled the subject and generally people who have uploading errors just seem to try again and they go though OK. I've tried about 6 times. I've tried converting the images to jpegs using 3 different software programs. I've tried uploading using Chrome. Nothing works. I'm out of ideas! I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who's seen this type of problem before and especially if you know of a solution. Many thanks.
  4. Hi Alamy, We regularly download sales data from Net revenue each month. This month's data (April) contains a formatting bug whereby the HuffPost sales have some extra reported licence information text entered in the "Total Sale" & "Total Deduction" fields. i.e. the actual sales and deduction numbers are shifted two columns to the right which causes all succesive columns to be shifted two places to the right! No great problem, just a cut and paste job to get it back to normal but it will cause errors in automated accounting systems if people are used to just cut and pasting it in place. J