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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Been chasing this up with Alamy for some time now, but no luck. Made a sale in July 2019 and STILL haven't received payment for it - seems mighty unfair to me that a person/company can use an image and NOT pay for it - OK I understand that Alamy haven't got their cash to, but it's over $100 to me and every penny counts! Has anyone else had this happen? How was it resolved? Cheers John
  2. Does anyone know for a fact (not speculation) what proportion of registered customer searches show up on AoA? Now that I've been told that if a customer lightboxes them, that doesn't show as a zoom, it would seem from a check back for a few months on all my apparently unzoomed sales, and finding that they were all searched, that it's just about all of them. And - from this - I don't sell many wildlife pics from Alamy, though ATM I don't have many here, something I intended to remedy. I assumed it was because of competition - both in numbers and quality, and can live with that. There's always room for improvement. But having done some AoA searches on even common species (and remembering to search on both species and '% species'), over a full year since 1 Feb 2017, I see that there are actually surprisingly few searches on these species, and for several less widespread familes of birds, not one: for example, there isn't one search on cameroptera (which would cover a search in scientific Latin [which to my surprise are extremely few on the test species I randomly chose]) although that's a genus with five species, and several other birds and animals ditto. Also towns within c10 miles of where I live, under 20 in total in the past year (though obviously more generic files can sell under different keywords). So I'm wondering if there is much point at all in uploading content which Alamy buyers apparently don't want. Obviously one day a buyer might happen to have such a need, but it could be a long time coming and that one sale might be for a small amount.
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