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  1. I've found another image in usage in article without my (and other authors) name under the work. Bryan was so kind to answer: A requirement that is more honoured in the breach unfortunately. In my experience the Mail Online never provides the name of the photographer, don't think that the Telegraph does either, but they do normally cite the name of the agency. The Guardian and Times are a tad more punctilious. Here on Alamy terms (http://www.alamy.com/terms/uk.asp#General) we can read: 4. Credit and Copyright issues 4.2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, if any Image/Video is reproduced by you for editorial purposes (i.e. for any non-promotional purpose) you must include the copyright / credit line "(Photographer’s or Agency’s name)/Alamy stock photo", or any other copyright / credit line specified by Alamy. If a copyright / credit line is omitted then an additional fee equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the original amount invoiced attributable to the Image/Video in question shall be payable by you. 4.3. Alamy’s copyright notice and Image/Video identification reference which appear in the Image/Video file must remain with your digital copy of the Image/Video at all times. You will retain the copyright notice, the name of Alamy and the respective artist, the respective Image/Video reference and any other information or metadata that is embedded in the electronic file that comprises any Image/Video which you have downloaded from the Website or otherwise received from Alamy. Failure to maintain the integrity of the copyright information will constitute a breach of this Agreement. Alamy, can you lighten and kindly explain how it actually looks like, what you do in these kind of cases? Is there anybody who cares and takes the consequences of breaking rules? Are we, authors, protected by your terms out there or only on the paper? Seriously asking - is it working? As we can see not giving artist name has became standard act. Anything changed in terms/ law? I'd appreciate your valuable comments.
  2. Hi, I registered with Alamy quite along time ago, but I only have a very small collection of uploaded photos and for various reasons I haven't contributed anything at all for the last couple of years. From time to time I've logged in to see if there's been any interest in my photos. And usually I find that there's been very little interest. Anyway last Saturday (19th Oct) I picked up a copy of The Times on the way to the barber's so I had something to read while waiting for my turn. I was quite surprised to see a photos that looked very familiar and the more I looked at it, the more certain I became that it was my photo. But there was no credit at all next to the photo, so I couldn't be sure where they had got it from or that it was actually my photo. So it was straight home from the barber's to check, and after a few minutes there was absolutely no doubt that it was my photo. Next I had to find out where I had uploaded the photo and after a bit of searching I manage to also confirm that the photo is only on sale through Alamy. CPXED1 is an autumn photograph from Alderley Edge in Cheshire and it was used in The Times Weekend supplement to illustrate walk no. 14 in the article "20 best autumn walks". As this is the first time I've seen any of my photos used I am a little bit uncertain about what I should expect to see on Alamy. When I check the activity on my photos I find that my photo was included in a search for "Alderley Edge" and that it was zoomed. However, there is no indication of any sale. As I am certain the photo must have come through Alamy I am little bit puzzled as I would have expected there to be some indication that it had been sold. But so far there is no indication at all of this. So how long does it normally take before sales are registered? I would have thought it would have been pretty instantaneous, but I am perhaps wrong about that? I have looked around a bit and I see that I am also opted in to a special agreement with the UK newspaper industry. Could this possibly explain why there's no indication of any sales at this stage? I think it said that purchases are settled on a monthly basis so I suppose that could mean that any sales will only be registered once the monthly settlement has been done. While I am obviously delighted that my photo has been used and that (hopefully) I'll eventually be paid, I am a little bit upset that there was no credit at all next to it. I suppose this is a quite common issue. Is there any legal requirement for photos to be credited? In any case this has given me a bit of a buzz and a bit of a kick up the backside to get some of the photos I've taken during the last couple of years properly sorted out and uploaded. And hopefully my next sale will come a bit sooner than my first one!
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