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  1. Do no forum contributors sell?

    Hi all, today i was considering we active forum contributors (regular plus some newbie) barely arrive at 500,000 pictures alltogether. What about the others? I mean, in your opinion how is Alamy going for the other 109 millions pictures of contributors never writing in forum threads? Are they just reading tricks and secrets of seniors and then use them for their own or may be they left pictures alone since years? Just wondering what you think. We often say we have to compete with 110 millions pictures then re-keyword and boring activities; are we sure this is the "right" number we have to compete with?
  2. New look help pages

    Our help pages have had a makeover. They're now much easier to navigate. Take a look and find all the info you need in one place. They look great too. Head over there now and let us know what you think -
  3. Sales coming from Poland

    Hello everyone, I see that Alamy has 4 distributors in Poland and also direct clients there. Since i life in Poland and my subjects are and will be most Polish i am asking myself if you have Polish sales showing up time by time. Mirco
  4. Potential sale

    What if Alamy started to presenting the contributors photos in more exposure equal way for more Potential sale .... like photographer of the week or something... because of the Huge numbers of images .. Thanks.