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Found 2 results

  1. I've looked at the other topics discussing this issue, and none seemed to be exactly on point. I just got a bunch of photos passed of a tourist attraction here in the US. Not a vastly popular one, but in an area where surprisingly I've licensed a fair number on Alamy and some via my site on Photoshelter too - I think that these are two places where editors go for those hard to find images. I'm tempted to tick "exclusive to Alamy" because they are not the types of images I expect to sell often, hence I've uploaded them here, and I don't expect they'd be a big draw on either of the other two macro sites where I could also upload them, but obviously just having them here lowers my chance of licensing elsewhere. Have you found that ticking "exclusive to Alamy" has boosted sales? I know the extra 10% is nice and am kicking myself that I've had a few sales of images that are only here but which I did not tick as "exclusive." Most of my Alamy images are not on sale elsewhere, but I'm reluctant to restrict them. I'd love know what people's experience has been so far with this new development. I'm also not sure how much this locks me in. Am I correct that I can still license an image myself? How long is the exclusive period for? Can I change them back by giving Alamy a certain amount of notice? Has "exclusive" been defined? At other sites it usually locks you in for 6 months, or 2 years, or 5 years. Does anyone know what the time is here? Thanks for input.
  2. Hi All, I've decided to terminate my contract with Alamy for several reasons but I have an issue with the contract as it stands. There is a period of 45 days in which my images will remain on sale as normal. After that period any image that has been downloaded can be sold for a period of two years from the 45 day termination. Also, any image that has been licenced (I'm assuming that to mean any image sale) can be relicenced indefinitely. Now, my issues are that my sold images will be effectively locked in to Alamy and can not be offered else where on an exclusive basis, indefinitely. I'm not sure if any sales on that basis will always be at the current 50% commission and quite how the payment works (do I need to keep Alamy updated indefinitely with my bank payment details). It seems, through my conversations with Alamy, that for any image sold, the termination of my contract is mute. They can continue to relicence those images. I thought one of the nice things with Alamy was that it was straightforward to terminate the contract. I do accept and understand the reasons for the 45 days and even the two year period but the indefinite terms are difficult to swallow. The more I as Alamy the more confused I get lol. Hope someone can help here. Cheers in advance, Dayve
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