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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I've just been doing some closeup pictures of my hand scooping a bunch of jellybeans out of a bowl. The lighting was a mixture of natural lighting (as much as you get at this time of year) and some incandescent yellow. I've edited the pictures in Lightroom. The background, jellybeans and everything look fine. My skin tones look really pink/magenta though - whereas, looking at my hands, they're more towards yellow/orange. I've tried adjusting the temp. and tint sliders, but no success, I am basically magenta coloured!!! I worked on the raw files, images were taken with Sony A7iii. Sorry, I can't show the pictures yet, I'm uploading them now to QC. Has anyone else experienced problems with skin tones in closeup pictures? Steve
  2. Hi again! I'm sure this has already been answered. But I'm working on some autumn images with really intense reds and yellows. The images look fine in Lightroom, but when I export as JPEGs the saturation just looks too much (I'm looking at the JPEGs in Microsoft "Photos", the default programme in Windows). So first question, when I upload to Alamy, are the thumbnails going to look like my JPEGs in Microsoft "Photos" or like what I'm seeing in Lightroom? Second question, what does a customer see when they download? Same as what I'm seeing if they open in "Photos" or in Lightroom? Is this just a really stupid question and it just depends which photo viewer you use? Presumably clients will be using an array of different photo viewers.... Steve
  3. Hi everyone, a quick question from a newby here. I shoot color exclusively but I do sometimes convert images to B&W that will simply work better (for me anyway) in B&W. Mostly high contrast images or with "busy" skies. Is it worthwhile uploading both versions of the image? Does B&W actually sell? Thanks! Happy shooting, Rudi
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