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Found 5 results

  1. A strange day today. I was out this lunchtime taking pictures of local people sledging and playing in the snow for the live news feed and didn't have any problems. An hour later my missus pointed out a picture making the rounds on Facebook which looked like me (but with more hair) and holding the camera badly, taken literally around the corner from my house, of a man taking pictures in the snow. This man was probably a paedophile and needed a good kicking said many of the commenters as they happilly shared it over 300 times. I commented and tried to educate them that, wether they l
  2. At an airshow recently I got a shot of an Antonov An-30, a cargo plane with an old-fashioned glass nose. Could have been this very aircraft: My shot is a close-up from the nose from directly ahead. The aircraft was open to the public at the time and what I did not realise as I took my shot was that a boy had sat down in the nose seat. It takes you a moment to realise he's there, but his face is clearly visible through the central window. I got another shot from the same angle with the seat empty, but the shot with the boy in it has more impact: he provides a focal point
  3. Hello, I am new to selling photographs and hear various opinions as to whether it is OK to sell photos of children. I have some very cute photographs of children with their ponies at shows, but am not sure whether I can sell them or not. Even if someone could tell me the Alamy's opinion of this matter. I have searched help, etc, and failed to find anything, but the answer may be staring me in the face.
  4. Hi, Was looking for some opinion on this one, it's an intensely personal question. I recently had a kid, and now when I track him with the camera, I can see such a lot of different poses that are stock worthy (even if they would have been done by others); kid in cot, kid getting a massage, etc. Do folks take photos of their own kids and post them as stock photos ?
  5. The China Daily newspaper wants to buy rights for an archive (30 years) picture of mine of some schol chlildren in a boat on a canal. They are saying normal rate is RMB 200. I think should be more. Experience anyone?
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