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Found 2 results

  1. I've been curious about Capture One Pro and decided to try the demo. While importing my Lightroom catalogue, it used up all available memory (RAM) so that my computer became unresponsive and I had to turn it off. After deleting the partly imported Lightroom catalogue and the images in it from the Capture One Pro catalogue, I tried to empty the trash in Capture One Pro to get rid of the previews; this caused Capture One Pro to become unresponsive and I had to use 'Force Quit' to close it. I tried several times, each time with the same result. Finally, I ended up deleting the whole thing from my hard drive. Have I for some reason been unlucky, or have other Capture One Pro users had similar experiences? (Computer: MacBook Pro 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM; macOS 10.14.)
  2. I downloaded the trial version for Capture One Pro 11 and have to say I am very impressed with the RAW conversion of my Fuji RAF files. I shoot both Nikon & Fuji and have been using Lightroom Classic CC for some time. For my Nikon NEF's, LR is very good. Not so much when dealing with my Fuji images. I won't get into all the details, (I realize this is highly subjective) but I binned an image the other night, that I processed with LR, for what I thought might be CA. I could not remove it and re-processed the image using Capture One Pro 11 today. The bottom line; the image is fine. Lightroom produced a distortion (artifact) in the image along a straight line of high contrast that would definitely fail QC. I was curious to see what Capture One would do with the image. Using C1 Pro 11, there was no distortion and the image is ready for upload. Capture One can be expensive. I'm not sure what it costs now, but I've been an off and on user for several years and was even a Beta tester for them back around C1 Pro 8 & 9. They wanted feedback on the RAF demosaicing. The are offering me a deal at a special price to come back to them . I'm mentioning this because I have spent literally hours these past few days re-processing images for comparison purposes and can honestly say, there is a big difference in the quality of output of RAW RAF files. There are two improvements over Lightroom that I can't ignore. One improvement is that there are no sharpening artifacts at all, unlike LR. ( No wormy effect in out of focus foliage that some call the painterly effect.) The second major improvement are far fewer overall artifacts and distortions in high contrast areas and out of focus areas. This can get kind of personal I guess. I mean very subjective, and many people are quite happy with LR. But, I thought I would post this as a current user and Fuji shooter to give my personal experience. I have to say I was not all that satisfied with C1 Pro 8 or 9 (Beta on 9 only, never upgraded), but this version is far better. It took me about two hours of watching tutorials supplied by Phase One and experimenting with settings before I felt comfortable with a workflow. It is not as complicated as it looks. Hope this is helpful to some. Rick
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