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  1. Best examples of tags and captions

    There has been a tremendous amount of discussion recently on tags and captions. Many people have subscribed to the idea of going back over their images to revisit them some with apparent success. A lot of us struggle with tags and captions so I was wondering is anyone was prepared to give examples of what they consider to be high quality tags and captions. Of course these do not have to be your images but can be from someone else.
  2. New dedicated language sites

    Has anyone else noticed this: Alamy promises four dedicated language sites – Spanish first Spanish Alamy site now up and running. Good news! Will this mean more direct sales in foreign climes?! Should we (where possible) be including European tags in our images to take account of this (i.e. not just names of things/places, but direct translations of keywords - could then justify using up the 50 tags and turn everything green!)? I have had a quick look at one or two of my images and the translation of the captions is reasonable, but not perfect. Is there anything we can do about this? Alamy?
  3. Hi, Yesterday I noticed after editing the caption on single and also multiple files that the caption did not change to the one I entered and the files retain the name of the filename of the illustration I uploaded and not the name I put into the caption field. Is this a recently known issue? Thanks for any help in advance. Mark
  4. I have a wee Acer One 10 netbook running Windows 10. Does anyone know of any (preferably free) software that would enable me to caption and keyword images on it? Thanks in advance Linda xx
  5. Updating Live News Captions

    I've uploaded a few Live News pictures now and they usually end up in my library on sale but with the original News caption e.g UK Weather. Rainy Day in etc. I'm never sure whether it is worth updating these captions once they are my library so that the caption less about the weather on a particular day. Just curious to find out what other people do? Is it with the effort to amend them?
  6. Hey guys, I'm new. Very new as in, I just learned about Alamy yesterday (Sunday). I shot an event which is newsworthy and decided I wanted this out there. I then created the account and read a bunch on the system trying to feel how this entire thing works. Since the uploads are different whereas you have stock vs News which needs to get uploaded immediately (48hrs) with metadata already filled in. I wanted to find out about who uses Lightroom's metadata and where do you put those specific information in? I already saw the Caption section to put info in but what about Headlines? Do you put that in the Title section in Lightroom? I'm assuming that's the only other place I see where I can put it. So basically, is Title (in Lightroom) the same as Headline (in Alamy)? What exact fields should I utilize in Lightroom? I have Lightroom 3 btw.
  7. I’ve been posting images to Alamy for a couple months now and I’m trying to make sense of how to optimize my keywording for improved views, zooms and hopefully sales. So far I’ve kept my keywords focused and fairly sparse to avoid coming up in searches that don’t fit the image. I’ve been perhaps a bit too successful since I’m also not getting loads of views and zooms…or sales. I’ve been reviewing My Alamy and find that with few exceptions the majority of searches are simple one, two or three word searches that result in thousands of views. Common words like “race”, “white cat”, “jellyfish”, “animals funny” and “cruise ship” are some of the most recent searches and resulted in over 14,000 views apiece. I gave up trying to find my white cat images after 50 pages so no surprise I wasn't zoomed. One searcher uses a much more complex system, for example “house colorful not fun not bird not food not dish not girl not family not man not woman not cute not animal not dog not cat not child not baby”, but his results also pull up thousands of images so the advantage of such a lengthy search term isn’t clear to me. You can comment on my keywords for any image but if it makes it easier, take a look at my keywords for this image DB6WD9 – RM. It's one of my more sparsely keyworded images. Caption: Man casting rod and reel, fishing from the beach in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Essential Keywords: man cast fishing beach rod reel surf sand sea Main Keywords: Atlantic Ocean surf waves [Fernandina Beach] [Nassau County] Florida USA Location: Fernandina Beach, Nassau County, Florida, USA Also, I'm having a lot of trouble keywording two images, DDGG98 – RM and DDGH8D – RM, since I'm not good with vehicle identifications.
  8. Newby in a pickle!

    Trying to digest a lot in a short space of time, I would really appreciate a bit of advice. I have uploaded a few photos to the main stock photo part of the site, and have just joined the newsfeed. I have used iTag to add titles, descriptions and tags to images quickly and in bulk. 1) Please confirm I can have 600 characters in the caption field for the newsfeed, but only 128 characters for standard stock uploads. 2) When my newsfeed images are added to the stock image part of the site, they do not have a description. 3) When my newsfeed images are added to the stock image part of the site, all keywords are in the comprehensive keywords area - do I need to move them to essential keywords, and main keywords? 4) Will this mess up my images in the newsfeed search? 5) Is there an Alamy tool I have not found, or can you recommend one that will work better? 6) Also, my images sit in the ready category for some time before going on sale - can I speed this up? Sarah