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Found 6 results

  1. So after years of contending with a phone with bad camera I finally upgraded to a new Samsung phone. In the mean time I was also researching about stock photography and how to enroll in one so that I can sell my photos and earn some money. I signed up with Alamy and was excited to begin when I found out that Alamy doesn't allow Mobile uploads except for Iphones. Can I ask what is wrong with you guys for having this nonsense rule? Mobile photography esp in Android has grown leaps and bounds and yet I find that you guys dont allow me to even upload one taken by my phone for consideration. What i
  2. Does anyone know why Alamy hasn't brought out the app for Android users? Is it in the works for us, in the future. I mean 85% of the world is a fairly large segment that's locked out?
  3. As far as I know Alamy has Stockimo only for iPhone users and not android, correct? Alamy also is a distributor for Eyeem images, which often are made with android, correct? So, Alamy prefers me to join the competitor more than support Alamy directly, correct? I'm starting the game with smartphone photos and it's not iPhone, so I wonder which place to consider...
  4. Hi Could anyone please suggest a good generic Model Release App that I can use for both Alamy and other Stock Agencies TIA
  5. From today's email: "Hopefully Stockimo will be a great success on iPhone and it will make sense to follow up with an Android version. We’ll honour the same % split for any Alamy contributors registered with Alamy at the launch of Stockimo (Feb 4th) if they join Stockimo at any time in the future." Why would anyone using Android have signed up for Stockimo, unless they were going to change their phone instantly?
  6. Can anyone please advise FTP upload client to use in the field to upload Live Newsfeed pictures to Alamy from an Android device the Samsung Galaxy Wi fi 3G Camera...Operating system Android 4.1 (Jellybean)..Looks like an amazing bit of kit if I can get it to work with Alamy or any other media desks. The normal Alamy uploader works great from home base Microsoft Win 8 computer via Lightroom for captioning etc, faithful Nikon D300, c/f card. Any information or advice about uploading from Android device would be appreciated even if it is to advise I am wasting my time. Many Thanks..Kind Regards
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