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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, Here are a few links to some recent blog posts that you may have missed: 5 ways with mobile photography - A loose guide to getting the most from your camera phone. Have we reached 'peak technology' for photography? - Is it worth ‘upgrading’ your equipment every year or have we reached the point now where what we have is good enough? Stock photo requests - November 2015 - A picture needs blog The best photography gift ideas - The festive season is nearly upon us and perhaps your mind is starting to think towards buying gifts with a photography theme Back to the futur
  2. Find out about the places that top travel photographers recommend you visit. You may have heard of some of these, but there are some real gems and surprises too… Read more...
  3. Being able to take a great photo is a good start to becoming a successful stock photographer. Being able to process your photos to maximise their impact on a website is also an important skill. Being able to describe your photos to a potential buyer however is an essential and sadly often ignored part of the process. Read more...
  4. As the Northern Hemisphere is now shrouded a large part of the time in darkness, it seems apt to celebrate night photography and to embrace those inky skies! Night fall is a great backdrop for a plethora of situations adding drama and atmosphere to a potentially mundane frame. Read more...
  5. Moody and atmospheric, these images are a sight to behold and take inspiration from. Read more...
  6. It’s in the water, on land, in the sky and air…Pollution is a big problem and it’s everywhere we look. We’ve always been taught to see the ugly and unwanted side of it, which of course is exactly what it is, but photographers have the ability to find beauty in things most people wouldn’t. Read more...
  7. We have over 50million images on Alamy so it’s not surprising that we have a photo of almost everything… Sometimes, we get an image that makes us stop and scratch our heads as we try and figure out ‘what’s the concept? Read more...
  8. Autumn is well and truly here (or fall if you’re across the pond), and although it’ll be sad to say goodbye to the summer we can’t help but be a little bit excited. Read more...
  9. We’re often told to shop local, eat local and support local business whenever we can but I want to remind you that if you’re a stock photographer then please don’t forget to shoot local too. Read more...
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