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Found 3 results

  1. Just got back from taking pictures at my local shops. I've been questioned a few times over the years and mostly it's been fine after I;ve explained what I'm doing. Today, taking a picture of what I found an interesting communal door to some flats above the shops, I was met with a torrent of abuse from one of the windows to the flats.The man was so agitated it was hard to make out everything he was saying. I explained what I was photographing, and was met with even more abuse. The last time this happened to me it really knocked my confidence and I stopped putting any pictures on Alamy. I'm starting to think street photography is not for me, which is a shame as it rules out so much as I live in an urban environment. Chris.
  2. Photoshelter users be warned. They have introduced Lattice, a Pinterest type "service" with no watermark protection. It took me barely 2 minutes to grab an unwatermarked 1200 x 800 px image. It is yet another opportunity for image theft. You are opted in by default. If you use PhotoShelter and value you your images I suggest you login immediately and opt out. You might also want to share your view on their Blog. I am now taking a hard look at whether I am going to continue using PhotoShelter to store my images as they clearly are not thinking in terms of protecting professional photographers. I will probably cancel my account as soon as I can download my images (although I do have them on my own machines) and rebuild my web site. I was going to redesign it anyway this just moves it to the top of the list.
  3. I have just had someone use 6 (at least) of my images after I explicitly told him that my pictures were not available for free. He must have taken them from the event organisers web site where they were watermarked with a copyright notice. I will be billing the magazine that used them for full list price based on the calculator on my web site - >£500 plus the administrative time of dealing with the theft. I had a clear agreement in writing with the event organisers that they could only use the supplied images on their online presence and confirmed in a separate follow up email that he cannot expect free pictures. The other point I am trying to clarify whether removal of the watermark is an illegal act in the UK. I realise it strengthen my case that this was deliberate copyright theft. They have not been published anywhere without a watermark. I will be checkinbg that they were not licenced from Alamy but judging by the credit they weren't especially as three are from separate selections I made for the event organiser. Having met the guy I believe he is arrogant enough to believe that he can do anything without repercussions. I was chasing copyright before he was born and have had a heavyweight project management career so have a little experience of fighting my corner.
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