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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm new to Alamy and trying to post some landscape pictures for a QC approval. One of the images is an unmodified OOC JPEG from my Fuji X-T1. To my surprise it got rejected due to "compression artefacts". It was shot at the "fine" setting, which is the best setting the camera offers. Could someone please help me to understand what is wrong and how to get better JPEGs out of the X-T1. Is this something Fuji should be aware of to improve their JPEG engine? The reason I'm shooting OOC JPEGs is the awesome film simulation feature Fuji has. Thanks a lot Petr
  2. Hi all Should anyone be interested I have made a blog post about my first 10,000 photographs made using the fuji X-T1 http://markbaigent.co.uk/cms/fuji-xt1-10000/
  3. Given all the discussion on mirrorless cameras, fuji's etc, I thought I would post my blog on my recent experiences testing the X-T1 with a selection of lenses lenses... Warning - contains geekery and lovely images in equal measure ;-) http://www.julieedwardsphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/9/festival-no-6-without-a-mirror
  4. I said I would show the results of my trying to shoot sport with a Fuji X-T1. As the samples from Sunday at the Powerboat GP below show good results are possible. However my hit rate was about 60-70% in focus(less when a black cloud came over and the light was low and flat) but with my Canon 1Ds3 I was getting more than 90%sharp. I probably have some better ones but these were the first I grabbed. I won't be choosing the X-T1 for fast moving sports and it seems my DSLR will not be redundant for a while yet. You can see the samples on my website M-dash.com It should be noted the the close up of boat 22 was shot with a manual focus Tamron SP 300mm f2.8 at around 10metres. It works well except it gives a lot of purple fringing on bright highlights, easily corrected |(in C1Pro). Could probably not use ooc jpegs for that reason. I am thinking it will be good for sports like cricket where reach rather than speed of focus is needed (I have matched 1.4x and 2x converters for it|). Focus peaking works well as you can watch the narrow band of focus move across the view! Just need to redicover my mf technique. I did post them here and then realised that this is a public forum and they were not watermarked!
  5. I have an answer to my occasional need for flash that will do until better ETTL flash becomes available for the Fuji X-T1. I am using an old Viivitar 283 (GN about 36m). It is an old fasioned auto flash (remember them?) with its own sensor; so all I do is use the scale to determine aperture for max distance and ISO and set the camera ISO, shutter to 1/180X and the appropriate aperture - the flash then takes care of the exposure up to maximum distance. Just had to clean up slightly corroded terminals as it had not been used for 15 years. Glad I did not sell it or throw it out!. I will have to make small calculations for ISO above 400. shows how old it is but it was popular even amongst pros when it was launched. It is a bit bulky but I used it for many years it on Canon AE-1P and T90s which are pretty similar weight and size to the X-T1 especially with grip. A zero cost solution until such time as a proper all-singing, all-dancing flash becomes available. I am a happy bunny, I have a solution I can take on holiday this summer especially as I probably won't use it!
  6. I've had my X-T1 about 6 weeks, now. It has been confusing for me, coming from Nikon. But like anything else, the more you use it the more familiar you get with the functions. I think I've finally found my groove with it, as far as shooting portraits and such. I have yet to try tracking something moving. I shot engagement pictures over the weekend and settled into a comfortable groove. And best of all, I came away without my hand and wrist getting sore. Better than that? The pictures turned out great! The dials on the top are wonderful. I never shot with the old film cameras, so I can't say the Fuji reminds me of those, but hey, I know I like those dials and buttons. My main problem has been finding enough time to get familiar with it since I'm using the Nikon for my ongoing jewelry work. I've had mine longer than Linda and she has shot 3 X what I have. One thing I do know. I love the size, I think the lenses are sharp and stellar, and I think down the road Fuji will come out with improvements with the next camera down the line. They have to, to keep the money flowing! My perfect Fuji? Pretty much what I have but 20-24mp. Buttons easier to find by feel and easier to push. Better flash options Lens wants. 90mm macro the super zoom to ship NOW along with the just announced mid-range zoom. You X-T1 users, add your wishes to mine. Betty
  7. There has been a new neighborhood going up behind our back fence for the past 2 years, where once was a 20 acre field. I have gone over from time to time and got some construction shots. One licensed the other day for $150! So I go over the other day and get some shots with my X-T1 for the first time. One of them showed moire in the pattern of the shingles on the roof. Yesterday, I went downtown and shot some buildings. I got moire again in a couple of images. I've never had to worry about this with my Nikons, and bought the D800 instead of the D800E for just that reason. I tried removing it in LR, but made a mess of it. Could be my inexperience since I've never had to do it before. I used the moire slider, then the adjustment brush. It looked worse when I was done than when I started. Anyone who has experience with this please let me know the workflow, otherwise I will have to shoot Nikon for these types of images and I really, really would rather use the lightweight X-T1. All help appreciated and I might kiss your feet to boot. Betty
  8. Has anyone using the FujiFilm X-T1 gotten the dreaded soft or lacking definition rejection? I did the Milford Track in March and have been submitting images from that trip and on my third batch I got the SOLD rejection of a landscape image. I process my RAW using ACR and the finished images do have a bit of the “watercolor” effect in the foliage and rocks. I carefully reviewed all the images and deleted two from the batch have now resubmitted them. My question for those using the FujiFilm X-T1 camera… Any rejections? What RAW converter do you use? Any sharpening? If so what settings? Thanks, David L. Moore
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