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  1. Hello fellow Shooters, I am a little bit frustrated with Alamy's customer service. Back in the day, when there was an issue it was promptly taken care and the staff seemed to really care about resolving whatever needed to be resolved. Now, it's always, Go Ask For Help In The Forum. lol. Anyway, this is my problem. I have not changed anything when it comes to color space, uploading procedures, absolutely nothing. So I don't understand why I am having this issue. Whether I "drag and drop" or choose my images to upload the same thing happens. The images show up on the computer screen, but instead of them just uploading one after another at a generally brisk speed, instead it is taken sometimes 30 minutes or more for one to upload. Once all of them are uploaded I get an error message saying that the upload could not be completed. As I stated previously, nothing in my workflow has changed. All the images come from the same two cameras I always use. The DPI is roughly the same as is the size. In all the years I've been with Alamy this has never happened. I am bottlenecked at the moment because I can't move work. Does anybody have an idea why this is happening and what can be done to fix the problem? Thank you. Luciano Leon Luciano Leon Photography
  2. I am new here so please forgive me if this has already been asked. I did a search and didn't get any hits. How do you upload a filled out model release. I can't find how to do this anywhere. Probably just like in a store when you ask an employee where to find something and it's been under your nose the whole time. Ha ha When I am managing my photos I see where I can select an existing MR to apply it to the photo, but I can't find out how to get my MR there to select. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hello everyone, I am very new in Alamy as a Illustrator/vector contributor. From start it is very easy to upload vector through FTP but I am unable to upload Illustrator via web uploader. It seems as if Illustration(JPEG format) gets lost in QC .Most of the time illustration does not appear in "Alamy Image Manager" and even if they do appear the success rate is quite poor, 1 out of 3 gets accepted. To understand the problem I have uploaded some Photos, eventually they were rejected but they did appeared as rejected. But that doesn't happen to Illustrations. Why? Can someone help?
  4. I am fairly new at this game. I am a photographer not a computer whizz. BUT when I started uploading a few weeks ago all went well now nothing happens I just get a whirling blue ring and it lasts for literally hours. SO, I asked the forum for help and I signed up with Filezilla. At last Alamy accepted the first file ....fine. Since then I have used Filezilla and they state that upload is successful but Alamy shows nothing even after waiting days. My computer is an iMac using the latest software and my broadband speed is excellent. I have no idea where to go next and I cannot find a telephone number even to contact the technical department . I just cannot understand this impenetrability. Can anyone help? Cheers Tony
  5. How can I upload Dropbox file or folder?
  6. I've only submitted 3 photos and I guess they have not yet been approved. Can I not upload more photos until those are approved? when I go to the upload tab, I check "photograph" and it won't let me move onto the "upload" tab. Very frustrated :(
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new in Alamy, and I want to make sure if I can upload scanned analog pictures. Can someone help me from some similar past experience ? Thanks in advance. Regards !
  8. Hi , I am a newbie here, Uploaded three images with required technicalities like image size and open camera meta data for initial quality check. Uploaded via web interface yesterday. It was uploaded from my system and shown processing in The IMAGE MANAGER tab of Alamy. But to my utter surprise now the Image manager is showing 0 images uploaded, I am really not understanding where is the dispute! its okay if my image fail or pass , that is the matter of quality. But why is a image deleted without any information. anyone kindly help.support is email is not responding. p.s. no duplicate image or below 17 MB image was uploaded
  9. I have uploaded Model Release forms in the past but there doesn't seem to be a facility for this since my last upload. In the user guide (p21) an upload icon is shown but doesn't seem to be anywhere in the image details panels. Only link is to existing release forms in the "Assign Existing Release".
  10. The "Live News" section is grayed out for me, on the upload page on Alamy web site; the "Stock" and "Reportage/Archival" sections are working normally. Also, I don't see a "live news" folder when logging in via FTP (to newsupload.alamy.com). I am approved for live news contributions. Anyone know why that is?
  11. Hey there, are anyone else's uploads going extremely slow right now or is it just me? Currently struggling along about 4-5 minutes per megabyte, so for a batch of 450 images, my FTP client is estimating an upload time of 145 hours! Tried uploading via browser as well, it's no different. Speedtest.net reveals no issues with my ISP 😕
  12. Hello, I am applying to be a contributor and I am having and issue with my second test submission. (I failed the first one because an image was sub par) (I appreciate alamy's high standards for image quality) I was up loading my three images and for some reason only two of them submitted. If there is a way I am able to get the third image to you folks or if there is a way to retract my submission so that I can upload all three please let me know. The submission number is OL9816239 I believe. If there is more relevant information or questions I can provide please let me know. Thank you for your time.
  13. My first go here on alamy, and I have my photos all ready, am trying my first upload for technical approval, and all I get in a spinning blue disc, never any sign of upload actually happening... Am I doing something wrong?? I have tried multiple times, on two different computers, two different browsers (chrome and edge), two different, perfectly fast internet connections, and my photos are definitely JPEGs of the 4-6MB size, yet nothing happens. Just a spinning blue disc ... Any help much appreciated!
  14. Both AIM and FTP don't seem to be working for me right now. I've tried connecting to different WiFi, same result. Is anyone else having issues? Thank you
  15. Hi again! I'm sure this has already been answered. But I'm working on some autumn images with really intense reds and yellows. The images look fine in Lightroom, but when I export as JPEGs the saturation just looks too much (I'm looking at the JPEGs in Microsoft "Photos", the default programme in Windows). So first question, when I upload to Alamy, are the thumbnails going to look like my JPEGs in Microsoft "Photos" or like what I'm seeing in Lightroom? Second question, what does a customer see when they download? Same as what I'm seeing if they open in "Photos" or in Lightroom? Is this just a really stupid question and it just depends which photo viewer you use? Presumably clients will be using an array of different photo viewers.... Steve
  16. Greetings everyone. Been an active stock photographer on other platforms, I am a new contributor to Alamy. Recently I got confused as I didn't find a button or link to add image(s) to an existing submission. An amateur landscape/cityscape photographer, usually I would shoot around 100+ photos in raw format every time going outdoors. Then I would post-process, classify and upload them with several times in a slow pace. It's quite inconvenient being unable to supplement a submission. Can anyone tell me how to add images to an existing submission in the Alamy image manager portal? Thanks.
  17. Have uploaded 3 illustrations to start but they failed QC because they had borders. I can't delete them, they are just listed as failed and appear in my dashboard. Now when i go to upload some new photos (after searching for photos that will fit Alamy's criteria!), the upload screen just jumps from step 1 to step 3 saying "thanks for uploading" BUT I haven't had the chance (in step 2) to upload anything!!
  18. I was half way through an upload when the FTP sever stopped working and now I cannot reconnect to server. Anyone else having issues with the FTP upload?
  19. What the heck is going on, Alamy? I uploaded 6 images this morning, only 3 went through. I decided to delete the ones that were trying and trying to load. Got a message the three were waiting to be looked at, usually within 24 hours. Fine... usual stuff, but when I checked my AIM this afternoon, no images were to be found. I`m still pretty new to Alamy, but even with my few uploads, everything went smoothly. Is anyone else having uploading issues today?
  20. Hi, I am new on Alamy, I am filmmaker and would like to upload footage. But I can't see any option to upload for approval.
  21. Anyone having uploading issues at present? Several times today I've uploaded new images, clicked the Finish button and everything crashes. Other times I've uploaded and clicked the Finish button and only half my images go to QC. Anyone have any idea why this is happening or if there is a fix?
  22. I'm a new user of ftp, and have been using filezilla for a few weeks. But in the past week, it seems to upload all my files, though (1) some of the files will remain in the server window on the right after filezilla reports successful transfer of all files, and (2) most or all of those files still showing in the server window do not show up on the alamy (or other agency) site. This is happening both for uploads to Alamy and to another site, so I don't THINK it's an alamy problem. To solve it, I'm having to delete those files still showing on the server side, re-select, and do a second upload. Sometimes it has taken more than one "re-do" to get them all to show on the agency website. Are others experiencing this? Am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate feedback.
  23. Nine out of ten times that I try to upload an image I get the message Error Invalid Parameters. Super frustrating. Could someone fix this issue? I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep shooting stock images with my cell phone then attempt to upload them. Stockimo is a huge waste of time and effort - why bother spending all that time typing in a description, then adding keywords only to have all that work tossed?
  24. I uploaded 51 images yesterday but they are still processing with grey boxes. I should have uploaded just a few at a time, I know, but I forgot. Now I am not sure what to do. In the past if I reuploaded, some of the orignal ones eventually came in and then I had two of some images, which is a mess. I wish I could just delete the ones I uploaded or clear them some way and start over. Should I just assume that those are forever stuck and re-upload, or just wait indefintely to see if they go away or something? When I did that before (yes, I should have learned my lesson) it took weeks or months for them to go away. I'd like to know how Alamy would want me to handle this situation or how other contributers do it. Thanks.
  25. I'm new to ALAMY. Just signed in and I was looking around. I read I could upload my photos on ALAMY's website through MyAlamy and Upload. The thing is that I can't see any Upload button on MyAlamy... Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
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