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Found 2 results

  1. I found one of my images on a website last weekend that hasn't been registered as sold in my sales history (yet). It had my full credit, and it also included five other fully credited Alamy pics, so I'm assuming that it's on the up and up. In addition, the Alamy form for unauthorized use says: "Remember, some customers confirm use after publication so it might take a few months for your sale to be processed". Still, it's the first time I've found one of my pictures before it's been reported, so I'm wondering if this is common, and how long others have had to wait before it is reported. Perry https://theculturetrip.com/asia/china/articles/the-great-face-mask-debate-the-great-face-mask-debate/
  2. I had an interesting experience this last week. I randomly came across two of my images on a web site (large travel aggregator) that I don't have a record of selling. The images were posted in 2013 and remain online. I figured it was a lost cause since it was an international company. I was able to find a phone number for a media relations person in their New York office and shockingly someone answered the phone. They were very courteous and asked for my information. Within 15 minutes, I got a call from their director of photography. He explained that they have an ongoing relationship with Alamy and sometimes images can fall through the cracks. He offered me $200 for the retroactive use and also relicensed both images through Alamy for the original $29 license. Also, after reviewing my work, they have added me to their contributors list for future shoots. We'll see if that actually happens but pleased with the outcome though.
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