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Found 6 results

  1. As I peeked at Allen Bell’s latest images, (I like) I realized, although this has been discussed before, I’m under-utilizing tags. For instance, Allen has a senior couple, one using what we call in the US, a walker. He calls it a support trolly. I have gas (gasoline) stations, he has petrol stations. I do use the tag, “fuel”. But not petrol. I think our brains just seem to come up with the tags used in our own venue, and it takes religious concentration to remember to add the ones across the pond. I’m not doing other countries, thankyouverymuch. Now to revisit image
  2. Hi folks I am a newbie to Alamy from South Florida, USA. I accidentally came upon the site after looking for skeleton remains of dead frogs. A frog died a few feet from my building and within days the flies and sun reduced it nothing. To my surprise, the remains survived the mighty winds and rain of Irma. Anyway, I saw the skeleton body and decided to shoot it. After searching I found a few photos from an Alamy photographer. I read some more and decided to join. So here am I. I have one question though. I know that most of the news market in the USA use Getty or AP. Does anyone
  3. Greetings all! Hello from LA California Super excited to be a part of Alamy and looking forward to contributing, News, Editorial, Entertainment, Stock and Travel Images Looks like Alamy has everything I was looking for in a Stock Agency New here but pumped to be here! Cheers, Dave Safley | ModernPics
  4. Hi to everyone. I have just submitted my first 4 images and am waiting for the alamy team to give me the yea or nay. Looking forward to learning the lay of the land in Alamy and the approval process. I do submit to several other stock agencies and I tend to focus on studio work but not of people. Take care Diana
  5. Nice two page spread came in this month. This is at the far southern end of the state and is actually closer to Birmingham, Alabama than it is to Chicago.
  6. Been trying to get through to the US Copyrights office - visual arts division on +00 1 (202) 707-8202 all day, but only getting through to an answerphone. Trying to get permission to register copyright on published images, electronically instead of having to post it. Anyone know if they have allocated times that they answer the phones, or if there is a different channel available? Thanks, Simon
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