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Found 6 results

  1. Been in my mind for a long time. Please help. 1) Let's say my caption have "luxury brand shops", is it necessary to include in keywords again? 2) Is supertags necessary to apply? 3) At the Optional section, there is "location". Is it necessary to apply again when caption and keywords already stated the location?
  2. Dear Forum , i am new in the alamy world , i am recently uploaded 4 Photos who already accepted and passed the QC check . However , i noticed that my pictures identified as ( images on sell with POOR Discoverability ) i found that i have to put 50 Normal Tags , and 10 Supertags . non of my alsmot 40 tags considered as a supertag Appreciate if anybody explain to me which tags can be defined as a super tag many thanks in advance for the reply and support ​regards Janabi Photography
  3. Hello everyone, Exactly how important are supertags, are they mandatory and/or worth it? Is there an easier way to pick 10, or does it have to be manually one by you? Quite tedious work if it's not important. Appreciate any response.
  4. Why oh why oh why does Alamy completely lose all my supertags from some of my recently uploaded and keyworded images ? I remember actually tagging them all recently and saving but now all gone. no wonder my sales have slumped. It's bad enough that we have to re-tag our older files uploaded but to find that recently tagged images have defaulted back to zero supertags is astonishing and very frustrating. Now I have to go through every image to check. It's absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing as soon as possible. Rant over.
  5. Current implementation of supertags makes the image manager unusable as there simply aren't enough hours in the day to click the yellow stars. By the 3rd image I'm losing the will to live, by the 4th I've given up completely. Simpler way would be either to auto populate the super tags from the first 10 key words in the IPTC meta data (they could still be editable for those that keyword online). Or make the super tags section a simple text box so we can paste in to it. Also would be easier if the tags were displayed in alphabetical order.
  6. This question may have been answered elsewhere. I have found that after adding a number of Tags to my images in the new Image Manager and picking those that I want as Supertags, I end up with duplicate Tags - one of each category. This appears to be an anomaly of the new tagging procedure. Should I be deleting the duplicate Tags so that I don't waste the same tag/keyword as a Supertag and as a Tag? If it is an software fault the when is Alamy going to fix it?
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