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  1. Greetings all. I have a few questions for you RX100 shooters out there. My Lumix LX5 is starting to get on a bit now, and, although the images still pass QC, its just a matter of time before QC blows me a raspberry and fails its images on Unsuitable Camera. Therefore I am looking towards a new walkabout camera (I say that with the casual ease of someone who hasn’t mentioned it to the Boss yet). I know the overwhelming vote here is for the Sony RX100 in any of its five versions. I have a couple of questions about it. How do you get on with its dynamic range? One of the things that really limits my use of the LX5 is its low DR. In sunny conditions I very often get unrecoverably blown highlights and black shadows. I appreciate that this is a 7 yr old small sensor and I am spoilt with the huge range in my D750, but do you find the RX100 useable in sunny conditions or do you too get portions of the image that fall outside the DR? Also, looking at sensor size comparisons, the one inch sensor is still quite small. You all say that your photos pass QC. But technology is only on the increase; do you think that anytime soon the 1” sensor will be outclassed by more up to date cameras to the point that it becomes, like my lovely LX5, suitable for family photos only? Other reading has led me to look at a couple of other cameras. Is anyone on here using the Sony a6000 with its kit 16-50mm, or the Lumix LX100? From what I read the a6000 is great but the kit 16-50mm is ordinary. Most reviews of that lens give it average reviews (apart from Ken Rockwell, bless him, who rates it as equal to a Zeiss f2.8 zoom). Anyone here using this lens that can say what this lens is like, using RAW in the real stock world? I know there are some good lenses for it but buying a more expensive lens for it is not an option. Same for the LX100, this gets rave reviews, anyone here submitting using this camera? All points of view are welcomed, this forum is one of the best places to get unbiased non-fanboy reviews on the internet. When I have come to a decision I will tell the Leader of the Opposition that I’m off to drop another $800. She will give me a Look and it will be back to his basket for Col. I’ll have to sell it on the great pics of the kids that I will be able to take. Cheers Colin
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