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Found 23 results

  1. Hi All I have just upgraded to windows 10 which has finally killed my legacy keywording workflow I am looking for a tool that can help me: 1. easily sort individual keywords 2. remove duplicates 3. if it can also suggest additional keywords that would be great 4. if it could correct or warn about my atrocious spelling - even better Some of you oldtimers will be able to recognize this as the now, completely dead (not mostly dead), ImageKeyworder Thanks for any and all pointers and suggestions
  2. Has anyone had success using the Transfer and Tagging App for Imaging Edge on an android phone for live news (or stock)? Is there a way to test the metadata transfer and FTP functions of this app on a windows 10 local machine?
  3. I'm thinking of ordering Luminar 4, has anyone seen the demo for the Luminar 4 upgrade and planning to purchase one. Also how does it compare to Lightroom . Thanks in advance.
  4. I took the new On1 Photo RAW 2019 RAW converter for a test drive last week and ended up buying it. WOW, what a difference from previous editions!! Stand-alone, no subscription and because I had purchased something from On1 years ago (I guess they still had my email address), I purchased it for only $79. It renders Fuji RAW files beautifully, same goes for Olympus, and Nikon images. It has many of the features as LR CC and is fully integrated. You can even transfer your LR catalog if you wish, but this software does not need a catalog!! Here is very good news for some of you: you can keyword your images in the Metadata module and they transfer over in AIM!!! I did a test and it seems to work brilliantly. Go to their website and test drive it for 30 days. https://www.on1.com/products/photo-raw/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvJi3irTm3gIVVFmGCh3TogyaEAAYASAAEgJPBfD_BwE The only things, so far, that I find a little inadequate is less effective CA correction (I go to LR for that), and perhaps noise reduction (which I seldom need) is a little less effective.
  5. I often go back and reprocess old images or even more recent ones that I think I can improve or make a different version of for Alamy. After watching this video I learned that there is another reason to turn your attention to older photos. I like to think my processing skills have improved and I know the software has gotten better. He talks about color rendering and demosaicing have improved for older cameras, He states towards the end of the video that Capture One and Lightroom have evolved over the years to give better results making it worthwhile to revisit those older images.
  6. Hi, a question to travel/outdoor photographers - how do you plan your trips to a country and save your research ? I use multipe sources - (paper) maps as an overview to get a feeling for distances and areas worth to visit - web research for hiking trips / blogs on regions - paper travel guide - look up pictures in tour books to get an idea of an area I'm looking for an easy way to collect this information, my favorite would be - an electronic map where I could add points of interests/link related web pages/hiking info. - usable by PC and Android - not forced to store this in a specific cloud (would use my current online storage provider) . I would really prefer something where I could add my information as layers/POI on free maps like Open Street Map. Looks like Google offers tagging on own maps, but I'd like to avoid Google for this. Any tool you know that fits for these requirements ? (My currrent favorite: One Note from Microsoft. Plus: free, allows to embed URL's, pics and more. Minus: Microsoft cloud. Map screenshots need to get manually added. ) Andreas Andreas
  7. I downloaded the trial version for Capture One Pro 11 and have to say I am very impressed with the RAW conversion of my Fuji RAF files. I shoot both Nikon & Fuji and have been using Lightroom Classic CC for some time. For my Nikon NEF's, LR is very good. Not so much when dealing with my Fuji images. I won't get into all the details, (I realize this is highly subjective) but I binned an image the other night, that I processed with LR, for what I thought might be CA. I could not remove it and re-processed the image using Capture One Pro 11 today. The bottom line; the image is fine. Lightroom produced a distortion (artifact) in the image along a straight line of high contrast that would definitely fail QC. I was curious to see what Capture One would do with the image. Using C1 Pro 11, there was no distortion and the image is ready for upload. Capture One can be expensive. I'm not sure what it costs now, but I've been an off and on user for several years and was even a Beta tester for them back around C1 Pro 8 & 9. They wanted feedback on the RAF demosaicing. The are offering me a deal at a special price to come back to them . I'm mentioning this because I have spent literally hours these past few days re-processing images for comparison purposes and can honestly say, there is a big difference in the quality of output of RAW RAF files. There are two improvements over Lightroom that I can't ignore. One improvement is that there are no sharpening artifacts at all, unlike LR. ( No wormy effect in out of focus foliage that some call the painterly effect.) The second major improvement are far fewer overall artifacts and distortions in high contrast areas and out of focus areas. This can get kind of personal I guess. I mean very subjective, and many people are quite happy with LR. But, I thought I would post this as a current user and Fuji shooter to give my personal experience. I have to say I was not all that satisfied with C1 Pro 8 or 9 (Beta on 9 only, never upgraded), but this version is far better. It took me about two hours of watching tutorials supplied by Phase One and experimenting with settings before I felt comfortable with a workflow. It is not as complicated as it looks. Hope this is helpful to some. Rick
  8. Lightroom tutorial A guided tour of the Library Module Your comment very much appreciated. Many thanks
  9. These are my impressions about the new cloud based version of Lightroom. I would like to know other user's opinions about it
  10. I have been working with the new version of Lightroom (the Classic CC) for over a week now. Here are my first impressions. I would like to hear other users comments:
  11. I have a wee Acer One 10 netbook running Windows 10. Does anyone know of any (preferably free) software that would enable me to caption and keyword images on it? Thanks in advance Linda xx
  12. Now that with the new image manager, we are limited to 50 keywords / tags, I just wanted to remind everybody about this lovely little application that counts words and characters, removes duplicate words and shows and corrects spelling mistakes. You can also drag and drop the words around Take a look at https://sellfy.com/p/P2Di/ And now on a special summer sale (50% off) for a few more days
  13. Hi, I was reading the thread on submitting video and wondered what others are using for managing their own clip collections on their PC/Mac? I was happily using aperture (mac) to manage my clips but after its demise I have been at a bit of a loss. I tried Lightroom but found that I would have to convert most of my files for it to be able to let me see the clip contents. As I have literally thousands (SD) I did not want this - also converting increased the file size considerably but I suppose I am going to have to live with that. I also tried a library add-on for final cut but it just confused me (to be honest the way FCP handles libraries still confuses me) What do you use or would recommend for a simple user who want to catalogue about 2500 clips for own use. Thanks! Paul
  14. Hello I need some advice by fujifilm users. "Alea jacta est" I bought finally the X-T10, now after a week of use I need some advice. I'm happy because finally I can stay more time with the camera, like others I noticed that the reflex was more and more at home because too heavy and too much "visible" in some contest. The MR is less noticeable and above all light. At the moment in my bag there are the 18-135 and the 35 f2 and they meet my expectations, with time other lenses will be added. I was surprised by how good are the jpeg, but I also prefer the RAW that allow more fine tunes and as proof of originality and property of the pics. So are we are, at the moment I shoot RAW + Jpeg fine and is a must at the moment because I have some trouble with the converter. I work with LR 5.7.1 and the software don't read the X-T10 RAF, only chance to do this is an upgrade to LR 6. It's not something I really want at the moment, and by the way subscription is not for me. Now the only alternative that I know are Silkypix and Capture one. The first is something really hard to understand how to do a really effective workflow, I played with the trial version, but is all but "ergonomic". The good thing is that despite the fact that I find it tough, the images are pretty good. As workaround I tried to use the dng converter and then import the files in LR. Never seen something so bad. The are awful, CA, poor colors, at least all need some work only to achieve a sufficient result. In the end Capture one is the solution for the future. In the meantime I need some suggestions, there are other good converter that I don't know. There are some good resource/tutorial about silkypix to use the software until I'll be ready to get Capture one? And finally... keyword; there is a tool to import the LR keyword in Capture? Thank you for your patience and hope someone can help me.
  15. I just want to share my positive experience with the Darktable and Linux. I have used Lightroom for couple of years now (4 and 5) and I found that the Darktable has much more levels of control over image modification, including the integrated noise reduction profiles for specific cameras (Pentax for example). The software is free and easy to use, once you get use to it. Besides it allows automated workflow in the way as Lightroom. Here is the link http://www.darktable.org/
  16. So here I sit, staring at the screen of the new MacBook Pro that arrived last night, facing the decision I've dreaded--whether to sign up for Creative Cloud or switch. I've used Photoshop and Lightroom for many years, I like them plus they do everything I need and more. However I hate the idea of a monthly payment. What are my other options? So far I'm considering: Purchase the new Lightroom 6 but can it be installed standalone? Go with Lightroom 5.5 but I worry there may be compatibility issues with my Sony A7ii raw files. Purchase CS6 standalone but its very expensive and Adobe is going to stop supporting it very soon so then it will presumably become glitchy without updates. Buy Adobe Elements and do without many of my favorite features. Buy Corel and settle for less than the best. DXOptic Pro - I know nothing about it and it sounds like Lightroom is better for about the same price. Other? If I go with the Adobe CC what can I do to reduce the monthly cost, are there coupons or discounts available? Should I buy an old version of Photoshop to use for upgrading? Also, I use Topaz plugins a lot and would miss them. I'm open to suggestions...
  17. Hands up. How many people are using the 3rd party Magic Lantern firmware extension for Canon DSLRs? The ML website contains dire warnings about the possible dangers to one's camera and there is a comprehensive forum thread on what to do when your camera locks up or appears to die. The very existence of this thread makes me nervous, but I'm also tempted by the functions that ML offers. It may be that there are many more happy users than sad ones, but I'd like to know. So, how many people here have used ML successfully and how many have a horror story. Anyone with experience of it on the Canon 60D?
  18. Hello everyone, i'm newcomer in here. my question is what Alamy allow the use of a plug-in for Adobe for image processing ?,for example the use NIK software as a plug-in in Adobe, because I like the features in it. and for some sites they allow the use of plug in. and whether the use of plug-in can cause a photo be altered ?.
  19. Has anyone else with a newer Mac tried using the Dictation software included in Mountain Lion and Maverick operating systems? I just tried it out on key wording and it seems like it might have a lot of potential for simplifying what to me is a very tedious process.
  20. See here. It's also available to download on trial. I took the plunge today and upgraded (well TBH, on trial until I'm happy) Well I guess I am happy, a few hiccups taking my catalog across: 1. Color label sets not transferring, Need to copy/paste from old catalog. 2. Settings. Again, need to copy the folders if you have your settings stored with the catalog, not general. In use: 1. Defiantly more responsive. I took the opportunity to kill my old previews file so it rebuilds and the system is defiantly a lot faster now. Dual screens are now usable again on my old MBP (grid on secondary screen). 2. The re-worked clone tool not as useful as I hoped. It's ok for small areas against sky of foliage but detailed removals near importance edges is not possible. 3. The Auto straighten/perspective corrections are brilliant. Like I say - overall, I am very happy. You could argue that the speed should not have been so bad in 4 and hence that is not a chargeable improvement but overall, yes I'm happy to pay for the upgrade
  21. re: Adobe's move to subscription model for Photoshop. Is this an opportunity . . . or catalyst . . . for Nikon to pull their collective fingers out and upgrade/improve Capture? I use Capture for its superior NEF conversions, but most (though not all) editing after that is in Photoshop. Now, if Capture improved some of its more glaring weaknesses some may not rue Adobe's move as much . . . let me rephrase that: I may not rue Adobe's move as much (I know I know, self self self . . . ). Or have Nikon abandoned future development/enhancement of Capture, as I have seen speculated elsewhere? Please note, I am not conversant with the practicability/usefulness of Canon software, but the same may apply there too??? dd
  22. I know this question was asked in the old forum but didn't have a chance to print it. So any advice or suggestion will be very much appreciated. I am migrating from PC to Mac (when my order is actually delivered on Monday). Can anyone recommend 3rd party backup softwares/strategies for Mac? I will need to backup the HD of Mac (perhaps on a daily basis with incremental changes) as well as the contents of external HDs (mostly images). Thanks in advance. Sung
  23. World Press Photo winner Paul Hansen defends use of software that led to dramatically lit shot What are your thoughts on this one?
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