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  1. Hi newbie here, just joined for less a week. Sorry if this is a silly question or has been asked/answered many times before. I tried search this on forum but did not find any topic regarding to it. Can I upload photo that I already posted on social media before? Just wanna make sure I won't violate any copyright or exclusive issues. Thanks to you all and everyone have a great day!
  2. Hello all, I recently visited the local botanical gardens and of course took many photos. Some of these are already for sale on Alamy and many are yet to be processed. The staff there were very friendly and helpful and expressed an interest in using some of my images to promote the facility on social media. I'd like to oblige and know there are certain risks regarding unauthorized use by third parties. Would downsizing, watermarking, or using some other method discourage such uses? Are there any other potential risks that come to mind? I hate to limit availability to only those i
  3. Hi All brand new here - basically joined as an outlet for my non-commissioned work most of which normally gets posted to social media then I forget about it until someone wants to use it for something - thought I would join here and then I can just point them (usually local paper) to Alamy to buy the images they want and save me the hassle of dealing with them - though I know this means I'll earn less from them maybe some other people might want some too to offset them etc and it will hopefully just be less hassle. Anyway my question is this - should I be ticking Exclusive to Al
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to Alamy and am slowly feeling my way through the procedures. One thing I haven't been able to find an answer to is how to get a link to a specific image and/or a folder of images on Alamy. I would like to promote my images on social media and provide a link back to an image, or a folder of images on Alamy's site. I know you can provide a search bar to search your images, but I'm looking for a different solution. I appreciate your help. Cheers, Tim Anger
  5. This may be a very silly question, but I'm new to stock photography and I just want to make sure I understand the legal boundaries of what happens once I make a sale. Am I still allowed to use that photo, since I am the original photographer (e.g. uploading to social media, personal blogs, etc)? Or do I lose all rights to access the photo once it's sold?
  6. I'm not quite up to speed when it comes to social media. Can anyone tell me what is the advantage of Instagram, Facebook, etc... for a stock photographer? I understand if you're looking for clients, such as a wedding shooter, who wants to show off photos that are not for sale from previous weddings that have been done. But what if a stock agency is doing the selling for you? I know you get a lot of attention from all over the world but It seems to me that if I put all my images on an Instagram account everyone sees it, downloads it and I get zero. Not to mention Alamy gets zero also. I k
  7. Can anyone tell me what the etiquette is for tweeting a stock or news picture to another tweeter, or company?
  8. Sorry, I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately, but hopefully this can also helps other people. I started to submit to Stockimo sometime ago and was wondering if it is 'wise' to still use images on sale (on Stockimo/Alamy) in our instagram profile and other social media platforms. I would not really consider this before, as these images had no real economic value, but now that we start selling them, maybe we should use more caution? I am talking about using these images only as self-promotion and other similar usage. What are your thoughts on the matter? MBM
  9. I was just thinking, would it be possible on our fourm profiles to link social media to our alamy fourm profiles e.g. Facebook page, twitter page and so on?
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