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  1. I have read the specification for uploading images to the Alay site. It notes that uncompressed images must be at least 17MB in size. Is this correct? That is absolutely enormous! Unless, of course, I'm doing something wrong ... Thanks.
  2. I have recently created an enormous panorama of a wonderful England piece of landmark countryside. It consists of 34 full-size portrait stitched image- approx 1.6GB as a TIFF., 42,000 pixels wide. Would be great for exhibitions, large billboards etc. Nearly broke my Mac creating it! Can I put this up on Alamy, at a reduced size, and explain in the caption that this much larger TIFF file exists? What is the maximum size or dimension that I can submit this as a JPEG to Alamy? Any advice appreciated... regards Peter
  3. I recently downgraded (or maybe that's the wrong word) from my 5D2 to a 6d and also picked up an RX100mk3 for a walkabout pocket camera, but have hit a problem with transfering files to my tablet for live news from the little gem. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet which I was going to start using for live news uploads, BUT, I can only transfer smaller size files from the camera. I choose the original file size in the play memories software on the tablet and it does say it depends on the camera model. So, am I missing a trick? The camera is very handy in other ways and I think it will get lots of use for stock, but I really would like the full size files on my tablet. All suggestions and tips welcome, thanks.
  4. Hello there! I'm a new photographer from the Netherlands. I've got a question about the QC. What is meant by "JPEG over 17 MB"? Does it mean I need to uncompress my photos before I upload them, or does it mean the maximum file size is at 17 MB? If I do have to uncompress my photos, are there any services that let you do that for free?
  5. When Stockimo launched there was a big deal made about the images submitted having to have originated from an iPhone- how come there are now many images clearly NOT originating from an iPhone appearing on Stockimo? Did the rules change along the line to any image "submitted via" an iPhone rather than taken on one?
  6. Hi, I have some photos I took with my phone that I'd like to upload to Alamy but they're 1.4MB uncompressed. Is there any way to enlarge them so they meet the size requirements? Many thanks in advance!
  7. For those of you who uploaded images to Saatchiart - I just found that my images are displayed in huge size when click on it, large files ready for easy print screen and to use it without ANY watermark! They must have changed it lately and I never got the email with warning what they are planning to do... Check out your collection if you care about protection of your work. You don't have to use right click to zoom it. Just normal click opens the file in full screen size! :| Btw, last few months I've found some of my files in the same size in few places on the internet and wondered where did someone grab it from... Now I have my answer Btw 2, I joined about two years ago and have zero sales still, so it's not worth to keep the images on there (at the same time I sell with other POD sites...). It's a dead place, now sharing our work.
  8. I know it's an old chestnut, and I'm pretty certain it was answered on the old forum, but what is the maximum size that a file can be for submission? I've had a look through the submission guidelines above, and elsewhere, but can't find it (before anyone shoots me down in flames!). I've got a feeling it's 200mb max. Cheers, John.
  9. Hi I'm new to Alamy having sold work through exhibitions, retail outlets and print requests for a number of years. I am finally getting round to putting up a different selection of my images here, however, I have to admit I am feeling very apprehensive about submitting that first test batch of images that undergoes close scrutiny. There are two areas I am mainly concerned with: Sharpening - this seems to be quite an issue and having searched the forums here and on google there seems to be two trains of thought...a) that absolutely no sharpening is allowed by Alamy or that it is output sharpening that should be avoided and that a very small amount of sharpening is ok at the Raw file stage in ACR. I really just want to know if there is an up to date definitive answer to this one as I have always in the past applies a small amount of sharpening to my files in ACR (as well as using a tripod when capturing an image) generally using the following settings - amount 25, radius 1, detail 25, masking 0. Is this ok, does anyone have any recommendations re lower settings or is it an absolute no-no? Size - matters! I just want to clarify that I've got it right in my mind on this one. My understanding is that the uncompressed image size has to be +17mb. I found a calculation on the forums that says that if you take your 8bit, 300dpi image dimensions and multiply them together, multiply that figure by 3 and then divide by one million you get the uncompressed file size. As an example taking one of my old images taken on a 40D this would be 3888 X 2592 X 3 divided by one million = 30.23mb uncompressed file size. Am I on the right lines here or should I be upsizing the file when it is a tif? The reason I ask is because the actual 8bit, 300dpi jpeg I would upload to Alamy works out to be only 4.59mb compressed - is this ok? My cameras used are a Canon 40D, a 5D Mk 2 and now a Fuji Xpro-1. Any advice, guidance or recommendations would be really appreciated - I am a newbie so please be gentle with me Many thanks Lin
  10. Hi, I have recently attempted QC twice and been rejected for the following reason - soft due to size. I am struggling to understand this! I have checked the document size and all except any raw images are twice the size they should be. For example all my Jpegs are 110.75MB with dimensions of 7620 x 5080. Lightroom 5 was set for Prophoto and 16 bit. Is this the problem? If so how do I rectify it? I have tried using the originals as I still have most of the memory cards but the same thing keeps happening even though I have changed the settings to Adobe RGB and 8 bit. Most of my older images are JPEG of 20MB. I have no problem with Raw which comes out at about 68.7 MB. I have been told these should be ok. I would be grateful for any suggestions, Thanks, Linda
  11. I am a newcomer to Alamy and want to make sure my first 4 images meet the Alamy criteria. However I am still a bit confused about the file size and can't find a clear answer on any of the forums. My apologies in advance if this question has been asked before. In the "Getting Started'/"Prepare" advice it states that the requirement is for an "uncompressed file size of more than 25MB". I understand that to mean that the final jpg as submitted must be 25 Mega Bytes (MB) or larger. Now, I have a Canon 5D Mk3 that produces CR2 raw files of about 25 Mega Bytes in size but when recently processing an image in Photoshop for submission, I noted that, whilst the image size was 125 Mega Pixels, when saved a jpg, quality 12, the resultant file size is just 17 Mega Bytes. There is no way, short of undesirable upscaling of the original image that I can boost the jpeg up to 25MB. Am I missing something here? Does the image size criteria really mean Mega Pixels not MB? Thanks in advance for any clarification Grant
  12. Hi At long last, I have decided to purchase a Wacom Graphic Tablet, mainly for selection works in PS. From experienced users, I would like some advice as to which size is better. I read it (I think in one of PS books) that it's easier to work with smaller ones as you don't have to move the pen around so much, which makes sense. Which would you recommend, A5 or A6 (effective area, not the actual overall size)? Thanks in advance. Sung
  13. Does Alamy accept an uncompressed 16 bit file size over 24 MB? As I found that Alamy just stated 8 bit file size over 24 MB.
  14. I've been unable to find a way to increase the size of the thumbnails, window, fonts etc while keywording in manage images 2.4. Has anyone found a way to do that? Alamy, is it possible to incorporate a tool like that in a future version of manage images?
  15. I was looking at the image calculator today and something struck me. The pricing in the calculator for single image placement on an editorial website quotes 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, etc. What does that mean? If I view a website on my laptop, that image could fill the screen of the laptop - is that full page? When I view the same image on my desktop computer monitor, it only fits half the page...is it still full page? is it half page? Does anyone know if there is a specific guide? I'm curious as I've never thought about this for web use.
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