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  1. Hi all, Hope you had a decent and healthy start to the new year - and 2021 will be huge improvement over the one just gone! I have been with Alamy since around 15 years, and despite a constant fall in commission, have so far stayed with them. In the last ten years on teh 1300 images I have up here, I made a average sale of just under 5 a year. Obviously nothing to make a living of. Most of my images are from China and editiorial. I have been a live news contributor. After working on the picture desk of the Asia hub of one for the four major news wires I have changed the way I keyword, f
  2. ...but sadly, only 1 from my portfolio. My CTR has been reasonable the last few months, but is in freefall this month (July), so when I noticed some nice person had 'zoomed' one of my images, I looked at my Pseudo info and saw that someone had searched for 'Russia historical portrait', and zoomed 3404 of the 4003 images they viewed. Occasionally, I have seen up to perhaps about 50 zooms for a single search phrase, but never anything remotely near the 3404 in this instance. Unless this was a bot stealing our images for display on some dodgy website (unlikely? given that
  3. I recall a forum thread a while back in which (besides carrying on the eternal debate about the pros and cons of RM and RF), it was said that Alamy prefers RF because this is increasingly what clients want. This has stayed at the back of my mind, and I thought it should be possible to test how true this is by counting the number of searches in Alamy Measures that specify RM and RF. AM appears not to provide any information other than the search terms on all-of-Alamy searches, so I went to my own most important pseudonym and looked up searches from 1st January to 30th June this year. I stopped
  4. Previously we could vary the images per page on searches. My preference was for 120. I cannot find this feature in the new search function and the default appears to be 100. Am I missing something? dov
  5. I have done an analysis in Measures on filters used in searches over the past year. 1. 50 searches included [DT] Date Taken. While I can see it obviously matters for some subjects, some searches were very generic (savannah, ocean). Perhaps they meant to look for newly uploaded images and should have used the “New” button instead? This leads me to the following dilemma: if I already have a good number of the same subject uploaded a while back, should I add more of the same, jeopardising my CTR but perhaps leading to a sale? 2. Searches with [MR] Model Released: I was surprised to see th
  6. Doing a random search to see where my image EH8M3T turns up when typing in “Please do not bend” It does not turn up at all even though they are the first 4 words in my essential keywords. And when i copy and paste all essential keywords in order no image at all is available for the search term. So I asked MS and here is the reply Your image does not come up in the search for “Please do not bend” because ‘Do’ and ‘Not’ are stop words and our search engine does not consider these words. If you remove those words and search for example ‘Please bend envelope’ your image will come up.
  7. Hi all As a relative newcomer to the library I am interested as to whether you track the activity on your own images.?..Do you just rely on the My Alamy "your images" or do you use your own tecniques?
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