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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there. I am new to Alamy and am essentially still finding my footing in the stock photography world. On uploading my images I have come across the terms RM or RF. Which one do you think one should go with and why or under what circumstances.
  2. Hello dedicated photographers! This topic may have been questioned before long ago. But I need clearer answers based on your own experience, not theoretical one. Is it right RF photos are tend to get more sales than RM these days? Because I saw usual buyers are often from repeater companies, like The Sun, BBC, Guardian, and other media from British and Europe. This makes me assume ordinary buyers from another countries are prefer to buy RF than RM. What do you think? Thanks
  3. As I am redoing keywording going through all my uploads (Ctr 0.0. Now after a few hundred up to 0.50!!) I noticed I have to change a lot from Royalty free to RM missing licenses. Mostly logotype issues. Going through everything again I thought I do it right this time But when you do this, this message pops up. Does this mean I have to wait 3 month for the change and in the meanwhile the image can't be sold? After being sold. Is the sale vallid? And is it the buyer who decides to buy it anyhow without proper license? Somehow confused. And why should it take 3 months to chang
  4. I have a digital photo of Princess Diana taken in 1985 which I am wanting to list as stock, under a rights managed licence. Understand I don't need a model release for an editorial photo but since the photo is so old I wanted to make sure. I have just called both Buckingham Palace and Clarence House and have been informed that they have never heard of a 'model release' and that I am free to publish the photo as I choose. Does anyone know if this is correct? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.
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