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Found 9 results

  1. With the potential easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK on the horizon, and with the 17th May listed as the earliest possible date for a foreign holiday, what will be the first thing you want to go out and take a picture of? For me, I plan on spending the day walking around central London. There is always something unexpected to snap!
  2. Last night I came across a wallpaper site, in Australia, that's offering 880 of my Alamy photos for wall murals. I presume the site http://www.customwallpaper.net.au/ is legitimate, in part, because it says the Alamy watermark will be removed from the final product. Most of these images are unreleased and really shouldn't be offered as Consumer Goods. At the time they were submitted I presumed lack of model releases would prevent them from being sold as Consumer Goods. With all the concern over marking some images "Editorial Use Only" life would be so much easier if we could
  3. Quick story-After seeing a thread about the re-rank, I couldn't find my bhz image. So after doing other searches found none of my images returning. My restrictions before the recent change were set for preventing personal use and certain geographic areas that typically pay low. After the change it still appeared that personal use was restricted but nothing else. After some back and forth with Alamy, it turns out somehow all of my images were now restricted from the U.S. Since I had still seen occasional sales and zooms, I wasn't aware of this situation until I searched for my own images an
  4. If a contributor sets any of the 4 NEW restrictions for an image, will that image be available ONLY on Alamy? 1) At least one of Alamy's major partner sites allows Editorial Use Only of its images. That restriction appears in red text next to each of its images here. Will Alamy now make its images that are available for 'Editorial Use only' available on partner sites, (with accompanying statement it's for Editorial Use Only)? 2) If I restrict Personal Use for all my images, does that mean none of my images will be available through Alamy's Partner sites? Thanks - Ann
  5. Hi, I could use some help in the correct use of image restrictions as it seems to be confusing to me. Let's say I want to restrict an image to editorial usage only. Do I just have to choose "editorial" via the restrictions section? It seems wrong to me, because then the list below says "Image not available to use in: all countries, editorial etc." So its then not available to use in editorial usage? As you can see, confusing to me. Regards DanKaesler
  6. A must read for everyone. Taylor Swift has just won a victory over Apple, but at the same time she (or her management) restricts photographers at her concerts. A must read. http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/22/photographer-accuses-taylor-swift-of-being-a-hypocrite-over-copyright-in-new-open-letter-following-her-apple-victory-5257575/?fb_ref=Default
  7. Hi there, can anyone tell me if it's possible to set restrictions on my photos so that they are not sold to hunting publications? I am mostly going to be uploading nature photos to Alamy but I really don't want to see any of my wildlife photos end up on the cover of, or in, a hunting publication. I have had a look at the restrictions, but I couldn't find anything that specific, the closest I found was sporting activities. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Dee
  8. Dear Colleagues, I have discovered to my dismay that I have misinterpreted the "restrictions" protocol and "mis-restricted" many of my images, intending to make many of them only for "Editorial" usage. Truly a "Duh-O!" moment, proving conclusively that I am not the sharpest lens in the case. Nonetheless, I wonder if any of you might know of a way of going back into my images that are now out there on the market with Alamy and editing the "restrictions" or eliminating them altogether. Please feel free to email me directly at frank@dimarcoimages.com if you wish. Best regards to all

    Manage Images

    It would be nice to be able to save restriction templates so I could quickly apply to future batches. Another idea would be check boxes instead of drop downs that have to be repeated for each region being restricted.
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