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Found 7 results

  1. I`m a little confused about model releases. It is my understanding that any person shown in an image must sign a model release for commercial use, but not for editorial use. I`ve come across many images showing people from a lot of seasoned contributors that have no model releases listed but are licensing for commercial use. Why does Alamy allow this? Am I missing something?
  2. I have a couple of questions about property releases for buildings. If you take a photo of part of a city – from a tower, for instance – would you need a release for every qualifying/recognizable building in the photo? Or if in a landscape photo there's a lighthouse in the distance? (This may be a stupid question. In any case.) Do you need a release for photos of buildings that have been demolished after the photos were taken?
  3. I am new. I added some new images of a couple walking. I have and uploaded model releases. Shots are unposed and the subjects talked to a lady on the trail. I did not show released on these because I did not have releases for the lady. Some had extra people in the background. I did not show any release on these because there are not releases for all the people in the background. So at this point, I have some images with and some without releases. Some for all usage and some for editorial only. Now Property. I have no property release. They were shot in a park with only visible are trees, grass and asphalt trail. I said no to property. Is that correct? Have a look, search for Gary Culley and you'll see. The most distinguishing element is a sign post in some images, should I remove those. I name the park in the captions, should I not do that? BTW I'm in the US, Memphis. Should I only offer as editorial? The things that you have learned from experience is very much appreciated in guiding me. Is the thought process correct or do I need to adjust it?
  4. Hello everyone....I am very new here and have many questions....let's start with this one: While cleaning out some old hard drives, I re-discovered some images I made of Elvis Presley in one of his final concert appearances in 1977, about three months before he died. I know that he is a celebrity and all that, but since he is the only person in the shots, how would I go about getting the required releases? Did I mention that he's dead? Not sure if it matters, but I had the OK from his "people", but was restricted to the first three songs in the set. Would these be a candidate for "Editorial Only"? Thanks for any help. Like I said, I'm a newbee here on Alamy and I'm sure I'll be back here with many more questions in the coming weeks and I appreciate your patience with me. Emerson
  5. As a newbie, I admit I jumped into managing my submissions without reading any instructions. Sooooo, as a consequence I managed to upload some images into my releases area thinking that releases was an Alamy term for images and then wondered why there was no QC reference. They will never be used as model/property releases and are therefore just wasting space. I have searched Alamy, Google and this forum but cannot find a way to delete these redundant files. Can they be simply deleted? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. In the past I've made quite a few shots of hot air balloons both in the sky and on the ground. Most of these are obviously sponsored, also used as a means to advertise, for instance by cigarette companies etc and logos on them are often hard to miss Do I need releases from the companies that own these logos? Or can/must I photoshop them out to out entirely to be able to submit them without a release? And what if the logo is only partly visible (not recognizable)? I have some too that are showing a stylized G inside a circle, a logo from my home town of Groningen, used for marketing purposes. Are these okay without releases and where does one draw the line? Any help is appreciated
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