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  1. I finally decided to go for the RX10 after reading reviews and opinions from owners around the web, then having a hands on session at my local camera store. Unfortunately my very local, independent store doesn't deal with Sony (says they are a pain) so I bough from a multiple. I've recently spent two months travelling and working (as a long haul big rig driver which I've done before for longer periods) in the USA and Canada and only took about a dozen 'snapshots' with my Canon 5d2 due to restrictive circumstances, one of which was the bulkiness of my existing camera. So, on my return I decided I would buy the new camera. My main reasons: The overall size and weight of my existing setup. Dust bunnies and the time spent removing them for acceptable stock and prints. Lack of lenses to lug around. Constant, fast zoom lens. I will be taking the camera to France for summer whilst I work there as a snake herder and should find time to give it a thorough workout. Here are 3 quick and simple test shots, taken as I got in the way of Sunday dinner being prepared, but I will be uploading more to Flicker (and here) as I get the opportunity. https://www.flickr.com/photos/mickfly/ My first impressions? Looks and feels quite small, but has enough heft to sit nicely for hand held shots. Laggy, but a faster card should fix that. Fast focusing even in low light. Hi ISO is no use for quality shots, so I would aim to stay below 1600 for now, but will work on it. Good layout of mechanical dials, but thumbwheel should be 'clicky' as it doesn't feel positive enough. More to come when I have had it a bit longer.
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