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  1. Hello Everyone:) This is a repeat of a question I posted this last Saturday... How many times does one have to submit 3 photos to be approved by Alamy Quality Control? I have the email from Alamy, sent to me on August 22nd approving my 3 photos & welcoming me to Alamy - I took that to mean that I'd passed the test. But maybe not...? I've looked through the site & have not found any info - I will be the first to admit I might have overlooked something though:) Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Elizabeth - aka tinyninjacat
  2. Hi, I am back again with another rejection ! ☹️ Not uploaded for a while. A double whammy this time - noise and out of focus. What do you think ? Taken with rx100, ISO 125, f6.3, 1/250 sec.
  3. Hello everyone. I just recently got started on Alamy and was wondering: do you think my Pentax Q7 has what it takes to meet Alalmy's quality criteria? I have taken plenty of pictures which I believe were great until I tried submitting them and having them rejected with a message that said "Sorry, but this camera doesn't produce images of high enough quality for our requirements". I have seen an amazing photographer whose work I like a lot; his name is Mark Phillips and has the same vibe that I wish I could express with my pictures. Anyways, I thought maybe it was a matter of resolution, which my camera has set in 4000x2248 and 300dpi, but then I checked that his photos are almost all in 3600x2400 and 300dpi so relatively similar. I then thought maybe some of my pictures had blur or were overexposed but I have submitted a photo with a clear sky that is not overexposed and saw that some of his photos emphasize on the blur so I don't know what I need to be looking for. Should I put on more effort on the postediting or is it perhaps the fact that my camera has a 1/1.7" sensor? My Q7 is the only camera I have available so if it is indeed my camera's fault I have no idea what I would do. Hope you can help me, any feedback is endlessly welcomed. Thank you for your attention.
  4. Hi everyone, how u doing (Joey special) Quick question ,,, I think I joined but..... How do confirm if my first 3 images images passed quality control ? cheers
  5. Hi everyone Sorry to ask another question. Do I Need to Submit My Three Vectors by Clicking on the "Upload" button on the top left from Alamy Image Manager? I already uploaded them through FTP FileZilla inside the "Vectors Folder", and was a success. They have a "passed" status on Alamy Image Manager. I went on and clicked on the "Upload" button and submitted one image, should I be concerned? My original three images still show up, so I guess I don't need to worry, but must I still do something, or leave it alone, thank you. Regards, Javier
  6. Hi everyone, I have already successfully transferred and uploaded all my Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 files through FileZilla. Next, Under "Captions and tags for vectors on Alamy" Step 2 instructs "Use Alamy Image Manager in My Alamy (after we’ve processed your submission)". Does this mean that I should wait until Alamy's quality control, or can I immediately proceed to this step? In other words, does Alamy check my vectors right after I upload them through FileZilla, or after I complete step 2? Your help would be much appreciated. Regards, Javier
  7. Hello there. I am new to Alamy and am essentially still finding my footing in the stock photography world. On uploading my images I have come across the terms RM or RF. Which one do you think one should go with and why or under what circumstances.
  8. Anyone know when Alamy are closing/opening shop for QC over Christmas? BTW, Merry Xmas to all!
  9. hello how to erase the images that are refused to the quality control and why when a single image has noise for example it is the whole serie which is refused ? thanks for your answer
  10. I just started using Alamy, and after passing the test submission I submitted several submissions with about 50 photos in each one. On the first 4 submissions all of the photos were taken with a Nikon D750, but on the last couple there were a few photos mixed in that were shot with an iPhone and a point and shoot that I accidentally submitted. All of the photos were rejected the next day, including the first 4 submissions (that only used Nikon D750). In the email saying that the submissions failed QC, the reason was for a photo using the point and shoot in the third to last submission that the camera was not suitable for Alamy and that the image was too noisy. I agree and did not expect the image to pass, but all of the other submissions, including the ones only using the DSLR, were failed. I know that one submission fails if one photo does not pass QC, but does Alamy reject all of the submissions awaiting QC if one image in one submission fail? Thank you -Tomek
  11. I have a Nikon P520 camera and will soon be getting a mirrorless camera. I had sent a few Images for submission and it didn't pass the test. In the QC control guidelines, Alamy mentions that the only take photos from DSLRs and DSLR like cameras and not mobile phones. The P520 doesn't have a large sensor, but the images are shot at best possible image quality (ISO 80 and best JPEG quality) and have been my most successful images on Shutterstock and were accepted at istock getty. So they definitely don't lack in selling ability. So does the P520 qualify as DSLR like? I think they were rejected because of the camera eligibility.
  12. Just thought I'd say Thanks, I've wanted a small camera for ages that had good quality and after finally buying the RX100 mk3 and taken a few shots, it is exactly the type of small pocket style camera, I've been after, perfect for when I don't want to carry my Nikon. So thanks for those who have recommended it, obviously their are some things it won't do, but it's pretty impressive, from a few test shots I've taken so far and as I've just been told, my small batch have passed quality control, I'm looking forward to taking more photos with it, when out and about on my bike and stuff. Ta Chris
  13. I uploaded a bunch of photos recently and would like to keyword them if possible this weekend, assuming they passed. Thanks in advance. Rick
  14. Hey Folks, I'm new to Alamy and I would like to know if there is anybody that uses the Canon G7X Mark II for Alamy and that has passed the quality control. The rules only mention that it has to be a DSLR or "equivalente", which I'm not sure what exactly it means and since G7X II has 20.1 MP it seems it should do ok as a "equivalent"... Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Everybody, Firstly, I think it's great Alamy has such a tight QC and the contributor interface is brilliant. As an amateur, having sold regularly on Microstock sites and got up to about 80% acceptance rate, I felt ready to try Alamy and wondered what a good batch size might be? 100 would be much too big as I'd very probably have 1 or more fail and lose the whole batch... and have to wait 10 days before trying again? To put them up individually seems too small and every time one fails you lose another ten days. I'd thought 5 might be a good number and when they regualarly all pass put it up to 10. What do you think? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Paul
  16. Dear Peeps at Alamy, Just an idea but wouldn't it be useful to be able to keyword photos in the QC approval queue? It might be wasted effort, if they eventually failed QC, but think of the potential time saved in being able to keyword photos while they sit in purgatory. What do people think?
  17. Can I use post-processing to make a photo look old? For instance - I have a photo of a paddle-wheel boat and I have made the photo look as if it was from the Civil War Era (tin type, scratches, faded) - Would that be accepted or rejected? Thanks, Kmahaffy
  18. Hi Guys, I uploaded some picture (a batch of 10). Once done I checked them on the AIM and the preview give me different images; they are not mine at all (soccer players)!?! The file names are correct and I will see once they are approved if it is ok. I was guessing it was an issue with my MAC, I tried on my iPAD and same issue... Someone faced this already? Regards,
  19. Dear all, i would like to upload some old photos (some of them more than a century old!) but i don't know which requirements do i have to respect in order to avoid to be rejected. In particular i wolud like to know if there is a quality guideline and how to manage permissions and release form (how to behave when the subject is passed away long time ago and i don't know who his/her family members are?) and so on. Can you help me? Best regards Riccardo
  20. I am not new in the section of Photography . My photos hangs on the wall of academy of fine arts(India) . I don't know one of my best image alamy rejected in qc . I hope it's a insult . I want to know the reason .. Watch this image . https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=838672416206394&set=a.104189609654682.6915.100001909306246&type=3&theater
  21. I have two silly questions about quality control. Silly but mainly the reason for my hesitation to contribute my first four images. 1) I am a contrast freak. I almost always use the tone sliders in my editing to give me that punch I want in my images. I love strong images. But unfortunately this causes a good measure of great photo’s to end up in the bin because of clipping in the highlights and shadows. How strict is QC in this regard? 2) The default value of sharpening in Bridge is 25%. If I leave it at that and don’t do any sharpening afterwards in Photoshop, will the image fail QC ? The only other alternative is to shoot in JPEG, where in-camera sharpening takes place, but that leaves me with no control over the end result. I shoot with a Canon 7D ( crop censor) and cannot compete with the bigger full frame cousins. That’s why I look at my own pictures with a very critical eye. I want to send only the very best. By helping me with these two issues, you will remove two very irritating little stones in my shoe!
  22. My question is should I be comfortable now that 9 images have passed QC or should I still be on guard? Hello, I am new and had read the Alamy forum prior to joining and I must say I was slightly frightened by the QC in Alamy and there was also some talk of how long it was taking to get through QC. I have so far experienced none of those problems. My first 4 images went though in 24 hours and passed, my second 5 images went though in about 40 hours and passed.
  23. I don't really understand the reasoning here. The initial batch is supposed to b only 4 images and after that I' free to upload more than that. Or am I getting this wrong? This time I uploaded 22 images at once which I found reasonable but quality control failed them with the reasoning "Number of images". Should I limit the number of images? Some feedback how to proceed would be greatly appreciated
  24. I could use some advise from more experienced contributors. I have a number of long exposure night shots that are sharp and in focus but people, palm fronds and vehicles exhibit motion blur due to the extended exposure times. Are they likely to pass or fail QC? The following are a couple examples. http://www.lynnpalmerstudio.com/p157166962/h2e78c4ff#h2e78c4ff http://www.lynnpalmerstudio.com/p157166962/h21f544ac#h21f544ac
  25. One thing I really struggle with when submitting photos is selective focus/larger aperture/bokeh. It seems as if I often see how the photos should be sharp everywhere, and a small enough aperture should be used to ensure that this is so, but there are times I think it adds to the photo. For example, here is a shot I took this morning (not sure I would submit this, but it is a good example): Would a photo like this likely be rejected based upon the selective focus? I ask this today because I have encountered another image on Alamy that seems to have nothing in focus. Truth is, I quite like the image, but it is not sharp; however, it doesn't seem to be intended to be that way. I don't mind sharing the example, but I don't want to point out someone else's image if this is not appropriate to do. Thanks in advance for helping me to understand.
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