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Found 13 results

  1. Other Income

    Just had a sale appear under the title of Other Income. After downloading the excel file, It's the money for the DAC's TV claim, alamy made on my behalf. $15 while not a fortune, it will pay for a cheap meal while I'm away over christmas, every little helps as they say, and since it's money for TV uses I haven't seen broadcast, it'll do nicely!
  2. Article about the sale of the Peroni beer company appearing in the Guardian: Contains a photograph taken by Edward Simons
  3. Check this Out! If its good enough to sell advertising around, its good enough to pay good money for!
  4. Photographer imageBROKER Photographer Ellen McKnight
  5. Filenames?

    Does anyone on here know what filename a Photograph has when downloaded by a customer? Has it got the filename it was uploaded with? Or the Alamy ref no? I've brought images for customers in the past, but never really noticed!
  6. Photographer Rosemary Roberts
  7. Photographer IS020 Agency Image Source
  8. Feedback

    I've just noticed there is a new tab on the side of the search results, asking for feedback from people looking for pictures, "did you find what your looking for?" It would be good to hear what sort of comments customers leave, so we can tweak our keywords appropriately. Just noticed there is also a chat now tab on search results, to give customers the chance to get advice from alamy Both good moves in my book, adding value.
  9. Its all dutch to me!

    Just had an email about claiming the equivalent to DACS in Holland, from DACS. "All" you need is proof of inclusion in a dutch language book. Anyone got any ideas on how you can find out if a book you have pictures in from ISBN, has a dutch version?
  11. Photographer Jochen Tack
  12. Pinterest, a force for good or evil?

    Whats your views on Pinterest? Is it just another way to rip off pro's, or an opportunity for self promotion? I can't decide which There are alot of alamy pictures on there, including alamys own page
  13. Norman Parkinson TV program

    Well worth paying your license fee for