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Found 6 results

  1. I have inherited some old b&w prints taken in World War 2 and the 1950s that might be of historical interest. Does Alamy accept scans of this type of photo, and would they need to be resampled in a photo editor to bring them up to a certain file size and resolution?
  2. A couple years ago, my daughter said she'd like to use one of my images for a print on her office wall. Of course, if it had been for her house I would have just given it to her. Since it was for the office and her employer was paying the bill, I suggested she go through Alamy with their connection to Art.com. Part of my motivation was to see how the process worked. It was a big disappointment. She worked with a person in Alamy's New York office who previously negotiated a great license fee for one of my images and about whom I have nothing but good things to say. In this case, however, he said that Alamy and the photographer would be commissioned on a print of up to 10x13 inches. For anything larger (roughly 2x3 feet in her case, framed) she should just buy a personal use license and deal directly with Art.com. So I got a few bucks on what turned out to be a sale of several hundred. Now, from my location in Europe, I go online to Art.com and see this message: So not only do we make next to nothing on a print sale, we only can make that on sales to American buyers. An old friend and sometime professional cohort of mine is spending his later years running an art gallery in which he does digital printing and framing. His opinion of FAA, Art.com, and similar POD outfits is that, for quality, "you might as well go to Walmart." That leaves me in a quandary as to where to turn for offering prints. I'm not ready to buy a printer and try it myself. Plus, I like the set-and-forget aspect that POD clearinghouses offer. This post is already too long, so I won't get into my experience with FAA and why I'd rather not deal with them. Anyone have suggestions as to the best way to offer prints?
  3. I am beginning to think about fine art prints of landscapes of my local area and selling in shops that may be interested. Can anyone suggest any good online services that offer runs of postcards for colour and B/W prints, and even business cards ? Thanks.
  4. So I opted out of personal use so that Alamy would not offer prints of my work and yet I click on one of my images for sale and i see ... What are your thoughts? Is it not available as an option when you get through to the order?
  5. I just noticed early this morning that Alamy Prints is now live on some of my pages. Prices range from $14.99 USD for an 8x10 inches to U$ 79.99 USD for 54 x 26 inches. Images where I've restricted Personal Use don't have the red Print button. Any thoughts?
  6. If anyone is interested, next March, (close to my 70th. birthday), a major retrospective exhibition of my work will open and be shown for three months at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. It will feature my work from across six decades in addition to new work I am making now. I have had support in the form of a grant from the Arts Council of Wales to make the new work and commercial sponsorship from Silverprint.co.uk, (B&W materials) and from Jigsaw24.com, (a new iMac). I point all this out just to demonstrate that there is a great and lucrative photographic life apart from 'commercial' and stock photography. I have been working practically non-stop over recent months, reprinting older work for both the forthcoming exhibition and to fulfill orders for prints. Also busy making new work and this is also selling well, so it's not all about 'vintage' work, although at my age and long career a lot of it obviously is! Hopefully some will be enthused and maybe explore different avenues for their work. There's a lot of talent here so be encouraged. Obviously an open invite to all who might want to see the show and I will keypad informed.
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