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  1. Hello, I am new in Photography but have gotten heavily into it. I take photo's daily as much as possible and spend a great deal of time learning how to post process the photo's in Photoshop better and learning the in's and out's of the program. I'm left with a few questions after going through countless other photo's from good photographers. First, I notice their photo's are crystal clear and usually devoid of noise. I've tried using reduce noise to reduce the noise in my photo's, as well as using a small surface blur, and even tried using a second layer with the i
  2. Hi everybody, my Alamy experience started badly with me having only 4 major sales in over one year and now 2 months from the last sale occurred in late May. It's my fault since i've uploaded in the beginning a lot of similars and may be bad keywordered files with the "cream" of having not properly post processed all my images. Most of you all veterans advised me about these things but it seems i'm a bad student My CTR is low but my views are up (few zooms actually) so it seems topics i covered are requested by customers and my CTR is not so bad. What do you suggest me
  3. Can I use post-processing to make a photo look old? For instance - I have a photo of a paddle-wheel boat and I have made the photo look as if it was from the Civil War Era (tin type, scratches, faded) - Would that be accepted or rejected? Thanks, Kmahaffy
  4. Hi, just joined Alamy and I'm a little confused. For the four images submitted, there had to be no sharpening. I had one failure for 'over manipulation'. There were no sharpening artifacts on the image or halos around the subject. This image has been successful on other stock sites, so I'm now wondering to what extent can I push the post processing on Alamy? Any and all advice will be gratefull appreciated. I have now had full acceptance, but not sure what to upload next for fear of rejection through over manipulation.
  5. Hi, I'm preparing a submission and wonder if the original post-processing I've applied would be suitable for Alamy. There is a few images out there but I feel its not the norm, is it worth submitting heavily processed images or is a more simple cleaner finish preferred by buyers?
  6. Hi Does anyone here use DXO Optics Pro to do lens corrections on their images before submitting to Alamy. Is this something QC are generally ok with as it does enhance sharpness. It looks like a nice tool and I am thinking of trying it out but don't want to persist if it falls foul of the QC process. Thanks Steve
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