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  1. Hi I am hoping to encourage my husband to add his photos to Alamy but thought I would try things out for myself in the first instance and sadly, that hasn't gone too well :( My husband has two Leica cameras - VLux 14 and DLux 9. He tells me he takes his photos in jpeg in 3:2 ratio He used the free Lightroom App on his ipad to edit his photos. When I upload the photos after editing via Lightroom they appear to be too small for the Alamy QC test I don't know too much about photography so I have no idea what I am doing wrong.... I don't quite understand the lingo either
  2. Hiya, i am new to Alamy and to photography. I am an amator candid photo taker willing to improve. For the moment only taki g pictures from my mobile as I am not sure which camera to buy on a budget. Please feel free to comments and give me feedback once I put pics up
  3. I'm fairly new to Alamy and was wondering how I could see all my images on Alamy. And if I have done anything wrong, because when I search for my pseudonym only 87 pictures come up when I have 300 for sale.
  4. New to Alamy as of today. I have a love for photography and wanting to create positive use out of it.
  5. Hi! I'm an amateur photographer from Romania. I found out about Alamy only recently and have uploaded 12 photos so far. My favorite subjects are cities, architecture and landscape. I've been wanting to practice my street photography a bit more, but I don't want to stress people out by taking photos of them. Maybe you can recommend some lenses for street photography? I use a Pentax k-70 mainly with wide lens which I found very useful when taking photos of narrow alleys or buildings. I also have a 35 mm with a manual focus, but I don't use it that much. Please feel free to visit my p
  6. Hi! Im a brand new contributor to Alamy. (Ive been a photographer for about 5 years now.) My specialty is macro nature photography and landscape. Do you have any tips on how to get your first sale? I know not to expect to make a lot of money on here, but I do want to at least make a couple dollars a week. Here is my portfolio: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/691013.html
  7. I sent tree images, all accepted, but only one is for sale. Why? What does this means? Regards
  8. Hello everyone, Just a small introduction: I'm hobbyist photographer from in Lithuania. Came here in a search of making some extra cash from my hobby. I have tried before some micro stock agencies, but it is looks like what I shoot does not suite them well. Hope will do better here. Travel a lot in my free time and for work. Feel free to check out my uploaded pictures and some good will critics and suggestion are more then welcome. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/111885.html Alex
  9. Just wanted to say hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and quite new to Alamy, I had my first sales in last couple of months and I'm very excited. I like to travel and travel photography has always been my passion. I hope to improve my skills.
  10. Hi All Just joined and hope to try and sell some pics, only been taking pictures on a SLR for a few months now and love it, once I gain a greater confidence I will look to upgrade my kit, at the moment just got the Kit Canon 1300d with a Wide angle and Zoom. Hoping to find and share advice on here. Thanks All
  11. Hello, everyone. Just joined Alamy. I am currently in Ottawa and do not have experience in stock photography. I am amateur photographer, but hope for luck. Look forward to being a part of Alamy community. Regards, Oleh
  12. Just a quick hello from another serious amateur/pretend professional joining the Alamy ranks. My prime camera is a D7200 and I am usually using a sigma 70 - 300 mm. I have accidentally landed into doing mostly football shots (few if any will be coming on here) but also enjoy nature, events, and news if I find out about it in time. My first 3 shots were accepted OK. I tend to have opinions on things. Oh, and I am female.
  13. Hello I thought I would introduce myself after signing up late last week! My name is Stephen, I'm a hobby photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. I received my current camera (Canon 700D) as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Although I got the camera a while back I have only really started concentrating on my photography skills around May last year, and pursuing it as a serious hobby. I have had my eye on signing up as a stock contributor since Autumn last year, however I never had the confidence in my skills and questioned whether I would even pass QC! Last week I
  14. Hi all, I've already picked up on some useful info by reading the posts in this forum, in fact just confirmed to myself that that the poor discoverability thing is a little nuts by reading a post, after a little search. So, first 3 now on sale, hoping that AIM isn't spot on about them being discovered..... Photographer for 40 ish years now, mostly nature, landscape, closeup, plus some urban. Used to be with OSF, till bought, then bought, and bought up. Spent around 12 years teaching photography intro to adult education. Hope I can pass on any help here if I have an answ
  15. Hello everyone: I just got my initial QC clearance. I went and annotated the 3 pictures and after a bit of struggling, I managed to push the Discoverability bar into the green zone. However, my pictures are still not showing for sale. What am I missing? I will really appreciate your help. Thank you. MVS
  16. Hi all, I am a newbie from Cardiff and have recently started uploading images to Alamy after a friend recommended it. I am interested in landscape and outdoor photography. I will make sure to read the forums for any possible Q&A that I might have!!!
  17. Guest

    Hello from SoCal, USA

    Hello world. I'm new here. I've been taking mostly nature shots since I started hiking the last 10 yrs or so, so I have lots of pix to upload. I only have a few up now but will continue to upload when I can. Any comments and critiques are welcome. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hello! I just started uploading photos and want to say Hi! I'm new here and would love and appreciate any tips or feedback. I have seen experienced members critiquing new members on their portfolios to help guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and be so kind to direct me on the right path. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much!!!, Felicia
  19. Hey people from everywhere, I'm excited to start trying Alamy and see how it goes! Started two days ago. Good to be here. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photography/9F48B38F-0D62-49B3-B5A6-373F4E077E01/1/Eloise Stone.html - Eloise
  20. Hello! I just got accepted and want to say Hi! I'm brand new here and always appreciate any tips or feedback. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance, Kim
  21. Hi there, I have been keen on photography since a young lad (I'm now 71) and have worked in the entertainments industry. Over the last ten years I have written and published five books and am now looking to focus on having my photos accepted by Alamy. I hope to exchange a few words and make some good friends here. All the best to you all.
  22. Hi, I've just joined Alamy and I'm excited to become part of your community. I have over 30 years experience in Advertising, Video and Audio production and just recently started Photography again. I worked at Eastman Kodak for over 25 years in multiple roles and I am truly looking forward to enhancing my photography skills and learning from all of you! I absolutely love taking photos and using new techniques to make my images better! I'm hoping to sell some of my images on Alamy, not just for the monetary gain but more importantly for the validation and purpose it would provide me. I
  23. Hi, I signed up to Alamy last year, uploaded 3 images then forgot about them. I work in Construction as a Ground worker for Carillion who have recently gone into liquidation so I'll be made redundant in the next week, so thought I'd try & earn a bit of money in the mean time so here I am to try my luck. I'm a self taught photographer since 2003 & photograph a lot of police & fire incidents as well as anything newsworthy , events, landscapes , construction automotive, wildlife and anything else that comes my way.
  24. Hello! I am a newbie to this site from the DMV area and I am extremely exited to find yet another avenue to see cool pics, sell stock photos and challenge my eye with the amazing views of others. I am not very active on the internet (although I should be) but I love historic sites and tourist places. I've lived in the DMV area for almost 30 years and I NEVER get tired of my daily view of the Washington Monument or drive around the Lincoln Memorial. I want to photograph it like it's my First time...EVERTIME I see it! Hope to learn, grow and share with others here!
  25. Hi there, this is Giogionny! I'm really new to this kind of system, so I will probably ask many questions to all of you! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here and for the advices you will be giving me! Have a great day!
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