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Found 2 results

  1. I am new. I added some new images of a couple walking. I have and uploaded model releases. Shots are unposed and the subjects talked to a lady on the trail. I did not show released on these because I did not have releases for the lady. Some had extra people in the background. I did not show any release on these because there are not releases for all the people in the background. So at this point, I have some images with and some without releases. Some for all usage and some for editorial only. Now Property. I have no property release. They were shot in a park with only visible are trees, grass and asphalt trail. I said no to property. Is that correct? Have a look, search for Gary Culley and you'll see. The most distinguishing element is a sign post in some images, should I remove those. I name the park in the captions, should I not do that? BTW I'm in the US, Memphis. Should I only offer as editorial? The things that you have learned from experience is very much appreciated in guiding me. Is the thought process correct or do I need to adjust it?
  2. I have two silly questions about quality control. Silly but mainly the reason for my hesitation to contribute my first four images. 1) I am a contrast freak. I almost always use the tone sliders in my editing to give me that punch I want in my images. I love strong images. But unfortunately this causes a good measure of great photo’s to end up in the bin because of clipping in the highlights and shadows. How strict is QC in this regard? 2) The default value of sharpening in Bridge is 25%. If I leave it at that and don’t do any sharpening afterwards in Photoshop, will the image fail QC ? The only other alternative is to shoot in JPEG, where in-camera sharpening takes place, but that leaves me with no control over the end result. I shoot with a Canon 7D ( crop censor) and cannot compete with the bigger full frame cousins. That’s why I look at my own pictures with a very critical eye. I want to send only the very best. By helping me with these two issues, you will remove two very irritating little stones in my shoe!
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