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  1. I made a post a couple months ago about why when I worked on an image in ACR, it wouldn’t open in PS. Suggestions were made about version, and recently I discovered I had the latest ACR but not the latest, 2023 Bridge. I actually had it on my computer, but it wasn’t in my Mac dock, the older version was. I fixed that. Yesterday, I went through LR & developed images, then opened & finished in PS. I worked on more later in the day, bypassing LR & developed in ACR/PS and it all worked as it should. Today I opened Bridge to do the keywording. I have always done my keywording in Bridge, always will. What I found, though, was where the old keyword box was, also with a caption box, had been changed to something I imagine is what keywording in LR is like. I hate it. It has hierarchies (I guess, who the heck knows, I sure don’t). There is no caption box. This whole thing is absolutely foreign to me & I hate it. I had a perfectly smooth way of doing captions & tags all of these years from day one. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? People who don’t want to tag in LR shouldn’t have the same thing forced upon them in Bridge. Is there something I’m missing, a way to get “the old” boxes back in Bridge 2023? I poked around for a long time in it & got myself in trouble, almost didn’t get my thumbnails back the way I like. If I hadn’t saved my workplace, I wouldn’t have. Will I have to bring up the older version of Bridge just for captions & tags? To say I’m chewing nails is an understatement.
  2. For those of us who don't submit via FTP with keywords already in place, wouldn't it be useful if there was a facility to keyword images whilst they are waiting in QC? I understand that there is a risk that they might fail QC and then all that effort would be wasted but at the same time it would speed-up the clearance process and you wouldn't have to wait for QC to complete to then keyword your images. You may ask why I don't submit via FTP with keywords already in place and that would be a very good question (old habits die hard, I guess).
  3. As I've mentioned in another thread, I'm using some pandemic time to root through old slides/negatives/prints, and digitize selected images. I started off on a particular topic, but have expanded scope to try to digitize selected images from all pre-digital years. Our digital family collection starts in 2000; the old slides start about 1940, with prints going back to around 1900. I expect it will amount to a couple thousand images or perhaps a lot more. I'm curating with inclusion in mind. I'm shooting the 35mm slides and negatives and 6cm slides with DSLRs, and will be scanning prints with flatbeds, and am happy with those techniques and results. I'm not looking for advice on this aspect. I'm post-processing with Lightroom, and am pretty satisfied with restoring colors, removing color casts, etc. I'll be posting the results to some hosting site for family use, and will want search capabilities, so am trying to build in any metadata/keywords that will be needed. So far, I've put best-determined year-month in the keywords, added rudimentary captions, and changed the metadata capture dates. I've decided to add to the keywords: names of people in the image; year; location; event; maybe image source (family collection, medium). I want to avoid continually coming up with more types of keywords and repeatedly backfilling what I've already done, so any advice on keywords/metadata will be much appreciated. For a hosting site, some suggestions have been Smugmug, Adobe Portfolio, and Google Photos. I'm looking for security, good search capabilities that will use my metadata/keywords, ease of adding more images, low cost, and a record of site permanence. Any discussion and suggestions are welcome. I also welcome discussion of everything I have not thought of for this project. thanks Bill Kuta
  4. Hi All I have just upgraded to windows 10 which has finally killed my legacy keywording workflow I am looking for a tool that can help me: 1. easily sort individual keywords 2. remove duplicates 3. if it can also suggest additional keywords that would be great 4. if it could correct or warn about my atrocious spelling - even better Some of you oldtimers will be able to recognize this as the now, completely dead (not mostly dead), ImageKeyworder Thanks for any and all pointers and suggestions
  5. Can anyone recommend a good program for captioning, keywording, cataloging and searching a very large library of labelled pictures? For years, I used iview Media Pro (and predecessors) but the current owners have stopped supporting it, and it's now almost useless. Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks.
  6. Interesting read on the meaning of images, artificial intelligence, and keywords. https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/art-design/2019/10/trevor-paglen-artist-who-created-imagenet-roulette-thinks-ai-taking-us
  7. This came back to my attention this morning while looking through All of Alamy searches. I've known about this for years, but also seem to have forgotten it for years. Apologies to those for which this is old hat. Let's take Washington, DC. "DC" is the official US Post Office designation for "D.C.", which is an abbreviation for District of Columbia. If you enter a keyword of "D.C.", any subsequent search for it on Alamy will strip out the punctuation and search for "d c". If you enter a keyword of "DC", the Alamy search will look for "dc". If you have only one of "DC" and "D.C." keywords for an image, that image will not come up for the other keyword. Searches on those two keywords show that some images have both and some have only one or the other. And All of Alamy results show that both forms are used for searches. There are lots of other examples, such as "USA" vs "U.S.A." So my questions: How much do you take this into account for keywording? What are some major examples?
  8. Hey all, it's about a year ago that I made my first submission to Alamy. With over 6000 photos online and with only a few sales yet I'm thinking about improving keywords and captions. Do you have any ideas what I can do better, should avoid or what mistakes I should definitely correct? Please note that I have already read the guides on keywording on Alamy. Or do I just need more patience? Cheers, Caspar
  9. Can anybody advise me whether, or not, the 'Discoverability' bars actually move at all? I haven't got many images up yet, but the ones I have are fully key worded to the extent that I can't add any more. The "Discoverability' bar is still stick in the orange sector (poor discoverability) and I don't really know what I can do to get it to budge. Is this a Beta feature? Thanks, Barry
  10. Hello everyone. I have difficulty in selling my photos on Alamy site. I thought that one of the reason is because of keywording, so I tried to work on keywording from 2007 (the year I started uploadings photos on Alamy site) up to 2012.(Still today I work on keywording.) However my sale doesn't increase at all. So can somebody give me kindly some objective advice? Have a nice weekend.
  11. I need some advice from the forum in terms of a keyword problem issue. The issue was sent to Alamy and they replied there is nothing I can do but I am wondering if other contributors have found a way around it. Here is my email to them and then their reply. Any advice is appreciated. My email: In the past month someone has been searching for photos of Geneva in Switzerland and it keeps happening. Unfortunately I have posted a cadre of photos of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, a resort town in Ohio, USA. "Geneva" is not in any of my search terms but instead it should only be coming up in the search engine when it is as I have put it, "Geneva-on-the-Lake" with hyphens as the town is known. My CTR has taken a major hit because of over 100 views over several sessions. How do I stop my photos from appearing for searches of "Geneva"? If you put in the search engine "Geneva-on-the-Lake" you will see I am the only one to have photos posted of this popular northeast US resort town and that none of the search terms are "Geneva" on its own. I cannot strip the photos of their title "Geneva-on-the-Lake" otherwise they will obviously not be found. Alamy reply: If you have ‘Geneva’ anywhere in the tags or captions of your images, they will appear in a search for ‘Geneva’ even if the word is part of a multi-word tag. Our search engine doesn’t recognise most punctuation such as apostrophes, hyphens etc so have ‘Geneva-on-the-Lake" won’t make a difference.There is no way you can stop images of “Geneva-on-the-Lake" from appearing in a search for ‘Geneva’ unless you remove this word. Obviously I cannot remove the name of the town otherwise people who are looking for photos of Geneva-on-the-Lake will not appear. Has anyone found a way around this type of situation? Some other examples may be if I put up photos of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Would searches for "santa" bring up my photos of Santa Fe? If someone is searching for photos of "Mexico", will photos of New Mexico (the state) come up in the search? If there are photos of New York, will the search "York" bring up photos of the city in the US instead of York England? There has to be a way for terms that cannot be left out of keywording be delineated but I am at a loss as to how. When I wrote earlier that over 100 views over several sessions is impacting my CTR, I should clarify that over 100 of my photos (several repeat searches) of Geneva-on-the-Lake have been viewed with no zooms of them seeing as what is being searched for is a completely different locale.
  12. I always keyword and caption in lightroom before uploading. Can any one explain that if I keyword the tif image and export to jpeg, the keywords and caption are intact when uploaded to Alamy. Yet if I keyword and caption a jpeg image in lightroom the keywords and caption are Missing upon upload? My last upload had a mixture of both, so it's not a batch problem.
  13. I have quite bad arthritis in my hands, and I'm finding the keywording process more and more frustrating because of one simple issue. When keywording multiple images, many of the keywords show up as light grey when they only apply to some of the selected images. I want to select these to add them to all selected images. However, unless the mouse is COMPLETELY still when clicking, all you do is to move the keyword slightly. It doesn't apply to all images. I end up clicking on a keyword, it temporarily darkens, then goes back to grey because my mouse moved by one nanometre. This also happens when I try to promote tags to supertags. This is frustrating, as I find it very difficult to keep my mouse absolutely still and click the button at the same time, meaning it can take me 10 clicks (or more) to select each keyword. This is VERY frustrating! I really don't see why it's necessary to move a keyword anyway, as the order makes no difference (I know you can combine keywords by dragging and dropping) but surely clicking to select is a MUCH more common activity. Can the keyword be selected if you click anywhere within the box, not just on the text? Can it be selected if you move your mouse even a tiny amount? To move a keyword you need to drag the mouse a considerable (relatively) distance. This really is affecting my ability to keyword, and I believe it's a disability/access issue (as well as incredibly frustrating for most people, I'm sure!)
  14. I thought I must have had a blonde moment when I keyworded a recent upload and used the keyword Hosta several times. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n2tjwpes4bv3cny/Keywords.jpg?dl=0 but when I got to the end of Managing the keywords, I realised it was because I'd put e.g. Hosta 'Paradise Island', or Hosta 'Funny Mouse', which is the standard way of naming cultivars, but the system had split them. Confirmed when I looked at my original keywording before uploading: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mztvtnr5vk4wxwv/KWs original.jpg?dl=0 Note that not only is the phrase split, but the constituent words after division aren't placed next to each other, but well apart. I'm sure this has been covered before, but don't remember seeing it, so maybe it can save someone else time. (And not to worry, the search seems to turn up images even if you search in the standard way, e.g. Hosta 'Paradise Island'. And actually, now that I think about it, I've noticed the problem before with an apostrophe, though the system seems to just 'omit' the apostrophe, unless I'm remembering wrongly. Any idea why the system can't accept punctuation like this? It's muscle memory (as well as correct) to use them also in place names and businesses (though the system does accept ampersands!) PS, it's not consistent. Having managed a file which had split Gardeners' World Live into Gardeners and World Live far away, I just found another with Gardeners' World Live set as one keyword phrase.
  15. I am looking for any suggestions for keywording software as I literally have thousands of images to keyword! Many thanks Alan
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