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Found 6 results

  1. It seems like we need a tie-break between Paulette and Bill for the last challenge. Voting ends at midnight on June 10th (UK time). Please vote for your preferred image between these two: NYCat - Mama Grizzly and her Spring Cubs walking across the tidal flats of the Cook Inlet, Alaska Bill Brooks - Moraine Lake Banff Alberta Canada
  2. I see that some of this is being reported in the 'slow month' thread, but I think it deserves its own thread. So I'll start. I only just noticed that May was my lowest month for $$, for at least twelve months - but April was the highest! June has perked up again, 10 sales, c$120 net. Means that not counting last years' catch up of 22 back sales, I'm just over half last year's earnings, with fewer sales, over the first six months. I've resumed uploading at a 'reasonable' (?!) level over the last seven months; the sales were: 5xB, 1xC, 1XD, 2xF, 1xJ. It's surely a waitin
  3. Hello everyone! First, I want to thank you all who participated to this contest. It has not been easy to choose the finalists but here is my selection. Voting ends at midnight on June 7th (UK time). Colin Woods - Fresh snow in Gaspesie NP, Quebec NYCat - Mama Grizzly and her Spring Cubs walking across the tidal flats of the Cook Inlet, Alaska gvallee - Lençóis Maranhenses National Park - Brazil wiskerke - Fiordland National Park Bill Brooks - Moraine Lake Banff Alberta Canada LarsMadsen - S
  4. First, I wish to thank Colin for the last challenge! This month, I would like to see pictures of our beautiful national parks landscapes. But only "pure nature" images, meaning by that no human interaction visible in the images (no human, human construction, signpost, road, vehicle or anything like that). Only footprints accepted . Each member may submit up to 3 pictures, the images must be available on Alamy. The challenge will end on 30th June @ midnight (Paris time). Below 3 examples. Denali national park - Alaska (USA) Ecrins national park (France)
  5. Hey everyone, The deadline for this month's challenge of 'Perspective' has now passed, so it's time to cast your vote! I was really impressed with all of your entries, I loved the interesting variety of interpretations. I think that diversity is reflected in the choice of finalists, and here they are. Voting closes a week today, Monday 7th July. Happy voting 1. Colin's 'Self and Leader of the Opposition in Bolivia' 2. Lynne's 'Vanishing White Walls' 3. Russell's 'A Slightly Different Perspective' 4. Lynn's 'Converging Lines of the Washington Metro Station' 5. Remiar's '3D
  6. Hi everyone, Wow! Thank you very much for all the votes for my 'Please Keep Off the Grass' photo - what an unexpected surprise, especially considering how few images I have in my portfolio! Well done to everyone who took part, it was really interesting seeing how diversely you'd all interpreted it. There was some pretty stiff competition, I wasn't expecting to win at all! The theme for this month's challenge is 'Perspective'. I'm sure you'll all have some creative photos up your sleeves, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Same rules as usual, no more than three p
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