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Found 14 results

  1. I just tried submitting some iphone 8 photos to the archive but they were rejected by the server. Does the system detect them as mobile photos and reject them, even if they meet all the other quality criteria? (These were taken in good light without any blur and fairly large pixel size). I know there is a specific app for mobile photos, but I wanted to file via my desktop after doing some editing.
  2. Good morning, dear forum members. Since my iPhone X supports RAW, I only use the Lightroom CC App to shoot and edit my pictures. The results after saving edited RAWS as JPEGs are incomparably better. 100% crop shows details I could never achieve by shooting JPEGs directly. Does anyone of you upload iPhone pictures to Alamy and if yes, is this a problem for QC? Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tu98e6qn1ifyc0f/2.jpg Full size: https://www.dropbox.com/s/by12eotw0y95ebt/3.jpg Full size : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cm
  3. I was wondering if photos taken on an IPhone should be exclusively uploaded via stockimo app, or can you also upload them via alamy on the computer ?
  4. I took my LEGO likeness to Vienna, Austria for a month. I created a fun video on YouTube, if anyone is interested. https://youtu.be/DbGfGlGaGuE
  5. Having searched through other threads in the forum, it seems my problem is similar, although slightly different, to other posts. I can now no longer log in to Alamy on my iPhone 5S, but have no problem on my iMac. Has anyone had, and resolved, a similar issue?
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent IPTC editor for the iPad/iPhone?
  7. When Stockimo launched there was a big deal made about the images submitted having to have originated from an iPhone- how come there are now many images clearly NOT originating from an iPhone appearing on Stockimo? Did the rules change along the line to any image "submitted via" an iPhone rather than taken on one?
  8. I need a new mobile phone (put the old one through the washing machine!), so toying with the idea of acquiring an iPhone so I can have a go at Stockimo. Always been an Android user until now (phone and tablet), so except for my wife's iPod, iWhatevers are a bit of a mystery. Not a major mobile phone user, so damned if I'm going to pay mega-hundred £'s for a new iPhone just so I might occasionally make a few pennies from Stockimo. Alamy says that anything above a iPhone 4 should be OK for Stockimo. Used iPhone 4s's are going on E Bay for circa £50-70, 5s's for circa £100-120 For
  9. Hi all, I'm returning to Stockimo after a break of a few months and seem to be stuck. I'm attempting to upload an image from my iPhone 4S library. The Stockimo app recognises the image, uploads it[?] and I'm presented with the caption and tag buttons. From that point on nothing, nada, zilch, bugger all. I can't add any text anywhere. I've reset the phone, logged in and out of Stockimo, waited for five minutes [just in case it's a background thing] but no joy. If I choose next, I get the warning that I haven't added a caption or any tags! Anyone else have the same experience of can sug
  10. Does anyone have the new iPhone 6? If so, how do you like it? I've been wavering on it ever since it was announced. Unhappy that Apple didn't increase the pixel count, yet I like everything else about it. My take on the pixel count is this. Apple made some nifty new improvements in this year's offering, so I think they held back increasing the pixel count until next year. After all, they need something to make everyone trade in their old models for the new in 2015, right? Anyway, while I like my LG G2's picture quality (outstanding), I don't like the interface and how to navigate
  11. An Iphone SLR lens mount, for Canon and Nikon mounts. Wow, but I wonder how well it works? Anyone tried one of these? A sincere question not trying to be spammy. https://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/iphone-slr-mount/
  12. Are there any Alamy contributors out there, who don't currently own an iPhone, but are seriously considering buying one, so they can participate in stockimo? I have thought about this long and hard over the weekend. I have even done quite a lot of research into iPhone camera capabilities and specifications in the various models. If I can do this economically, which would mean buying a second hand iPhone, which is not the latest model, Say an iPhone 4S. It may be worth a try? I don't currently own a small, carry around, camera approved by Alamy QC, so, an iPhone could fit that bill for me.
  13. I've uploaded three photos so far and noticed something with the last one. I applied the iPhone's "Noir" filter to the image, which gives a high contrast black and white effect. It made this image quite dramatic. However, after uploading, the image thumbnail in the Activity section is the unaltered version. iPhone filters are non-destructive, you can go back to the original. Hopefully, the altered image is what uploaded, but if it was the original, this is a problem.
  14. Many users and customers might get confused to find mobile and DSLR photos while searching on website. Can you implement a radio select option for "Stockimo" on main page to avoid searching mixed content? This option should include in the search all files starting with "S".
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