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  1. Hello my name is Heru from DKI Jakarta - Indonesia. Just registered to Alamy yesterday, so... fresh from the oven! I'm a photographer since 2010 using canon, sony and dji gears. Loves to travel locally by motorcycle and taking landscape, architectural photos. Looking forward for tips n tricks to Alamy. Have a blessed day for all of you.
  2. Hi everyone, I am a newbie from China. Never thought to sell any photos before despite I love travelling and taking lots of photos . Recently had some dramatic changes in my life, need to rethink my own career and future, while doing so I was told try this and that, I think why not do something I might really enjoy for once? With such positive thoughts, I submitted 1st trial photos to Alamy with long waited QC pass, then days working and trying to understand Image Manager, also going through threads on forum, still found tons of questions like : - low discoverability, - how to set up my portfolio, - if I could upload image I already shared on Twitter or Instagram before. I think I’ll get there, with more hard work. Cheers and you all have a wonderful day!
  3. Just had my first 3 images pass QC so now I need to learn the process here. Printed the AIM instruction manual and will read that tonight. Bookmarked a video which I will watch at a time of day that works with my SAT internet, think very slow. So if anyone has suggestions to info I can find on the forms I will follow your advice, promise. I did shoot stock when I first got started in photography , think K25 and Mamiya 645, then I photographed a friends wedding and got a check! That lead to 30+ years of commercial and portrait work. Now I am retired and free to shoot for me so along with a fine art site I thought I would give this a go. Live in Wisconsin but will travel as soon as it is safe again. Tagging and keywords are a mystery to me but I am trying to learn. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, There are so many beautiful photos and skilled photographers here that I feel very small. But full of inspiration. I started taking photos to go with my writing, but lately, I've been focusing more on photography and finding beauty in mundane tasks. After working on composition for a few years and finally felt that my skills were enough to invest in an interchangeable lens camera (I also needed better quality files for magazines and printed material). I love it! There is so much more to learn that I feel a huge sinkhole has opened up in front of me and I just want to jump in. Having the dials on the outside of the camera so I don't have to navigate through half a dozen menus just to change the shutter speed fills me with joy. There is so much more to learn before I can make a photo good enough for someone to buy, but I'm enjoying uploading them and learning about keywords and stuff. A small question - is there any crop ratios that are preferred? I'm using 3:2 because that was the default setting. I'm wondering if I should expand my world and try some other numbers... but there are so many to choose from. Can you suggest a reference I might read?
  5. Attica


    Hello from Spain. , i have been in Alamy for a six months and usually read the forum. I don´t lnow if a can participate much because my English is very bad but i will do what i can
  6. I've always wanted to make a documentation of beautiful moments, especially those created by nature, my love for colours and the beautiful free things nature gives us has led me into the journey of photography, in my free time I've always had the hunger to snap my environment and sometimes get to add colours to it. Despite not having any professional photography lessons, I've spent some of my time reading books on photography and expanding my ideas on this hobby. I'm a medical student in in a reputable University here in Nigeria, apart from photography, I also love playing soccer and traveling.
  7. Hello Folks!!!, I joined Alamy a few months ago but is only recently where I have started to upload photos here. I enjoy spending time in learning the art of photography right from conceptualising the shot to post processing it. While the aim has always been to become a better photographer, I thought I might try and dabble a bit in the stock world to see where it leads. Only today I thought I should join the forum and hence this introduction message. Thanks & Regards, Ramana
  8. Hi to all, 59 year old male, living in Corpus Christi ,Texas but was born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. My photography began as a hobby, (still is really,) when I was given a Nikon S6500 as a gift. This was also about the time that I was blessed with my one and only Granddaughter who, needless to say, has been thoroughly photographed. One thing led to another and with several more cameras in my possession here I am. Seemed to me that if I could make a little money doing something I enjoy it would be a good thing. In a short period of time I've learned that meeting Alamy's technical requirements requires much more attention to detail than anticipated. I've had one batch fail for noise which taught me how to use reduction methods more effectively when it was present. Since then no fails and three stars so, knock on wood, hope I'm getting the hang of it. I peruse the forums semi-regularly and often gain knowledge and insight through the posts of other members - my thanks. I hope that I'm improving as I go and I definitely would have done things differently on some of my submissions. Some of my recent subs still need additional keywords and I think I need to prune a few off some of the first ones. I'm starting to believe that more isn't always better even if not in the green. That being said, I welcome comment and criticism from any member kind enough to take the time. As I gain confidence and knowledge, I hope that I will be able to contribute to some of the Forum discussions as well. I know there are many questions that come to mind. I might even be the source of an answer or two. Thanks for reading my intro. My best to all, Jody Kowaleski
  9. Hi! Photography has been my hobby for some years now, but I'm new to the whole stock photography thing. Any requests you have that might be local to me, I'll do my best to seek out and snap shots of. Cheers! FD
  10. Hi, Just a quick note to introduce myself. Just getting my head around Alamy membership and beginning to sort out images to upload. Already grateful for tips from those in the from. Regards, Mark
  11. Hello, everyone. Just joined Alamy. I am currently in Ottawa and do not have experience in stock photography. I am amateur photographer, but hope for luck. Look forward to being a part of Alamy community. Regards, Oleh
  12. NIce to meet you! I'm new to introduce myself on the forum but contributor since 2007. Photography is my diary which opens my eyes to the world.
  13. Hello I thought I would introduce myself after signing up late last week! My name is Stephen, I'm a hobby photographer based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. I received my current camera (Canon 700D) as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Although I got the camera a while back I have only really started concentrating on my photography skills around May last year, and pursuing it as a serious hobby. I have had my eye on signing up as a stock contributor since Autumn last year, however I never had the confidence in my skills and questioned whether I would even pass QC! Last week I decided I shouldn't avoid it any longer and decided to prepare some images and submit then and see what happens, I was delighted they passed through QC! Hopefully in the coming weeks and months I will have filled out my catalogue quite a bit, currently trawling through my images over the last year and picking out what I want to add! I will no doubt be looking to the forum for help or advice from time to time, I will appreciate that support, and in time can hopefully return the favor. Thanks Stephen
  14. Hello fellow photogs! I've been lurking here for a while as I build my portfolio. I appreciate all the insight into Alamy I've read here (especially that damn Discoverability marker - I feel it mocking me every time I look at my portfolio! LOL!) I'm a cook and a photographer, which means most of my portfolio is food shots. I just moved back to Atlanta after living in Seattle the past 25 years, so I feel I have a whole new world to photograph! Nice to "meet" you all and I'm so glad there's a forum here where we can all share and communicate! Sharon
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