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Found 9 results

  1. When I tried to do my first upload (when you create your account and Alamy asks you to upload 3 photos for quality control) my upload was failing so I tried to refresh my page. When this happened the page submitted no photos but blocked me from trying again. When I go to my Alamy Image Manager and try to upload, it says this: Thanks for submitting your stock photos. We're now processing your submission before review by our QC Team. You should have a result within 24 hours but can take longer during busy periods. Submissions can be tracked in your Alamy Image Manager. However, my Alamy Image Manager is empty since my upload failed... I'm not sure if this will make my account fail or get banned, etc.. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I can't help but notice that after my images have passed QC they are in what seems to be in the image manager in a mostly random sequence . On occasion some images that go together are grouped together, but others are split apart. The pictures do not seem to be sorted by date/time or even by filename as far as I can tell - I suspect it's fixed by upload timing. This is an issue of some significance as I am typically uploading around 50 or so pictures at a time, often of differning shot dates and subjects. They should be grouped to speed up work flow but I have to jump about trying to locate them. It's not very efficient. Would it be possible to sort by date shot? Or to have the facility to sort by date or filename in the image manager?
  3. Safari for Mac 10.14.3 stopped aligning the picture display side on the left with the fill in the blanks section on the right. I can't see the images and the sections for adding captions and keywords at the same time. There's a huge chunk of white space that I have to scroll down to get to the section for additing information and the pictures at the top disappear as I scroll down. I can see things as they had been displaying earlier in Safari when I switch to Firefox.
  4. I have uploaded a group of images from a shoot where there are 3 basic subsets. I want to be able to search for "locomotive 6777", or "locomotive 365", or "locomotive 765" from within only this one submission set. Then I can keyword and annotate that subset of images. I don't want to search (in this particular usage) my whole portfolio. Please add the Search capability to the confines of 1 or more selected submission batches.
  5. So I just stumbled across some of my images that I uploaded a while back which I haven't Supertagged. The problem with the current Discoverability is that it is basically an all or nothing deal. Once you get your images online (5 normal tags and a title) there is no difference between that and an image with super tags completed and the extra fields filled in until you get to the Optimised green stage. It would be useful to have an option to search and narrow down in AIM to the images which don't have a full set of Super tags and / or the additional fields completed. As it is now I am in the process of hunting down the images that I think were not Supertagged, which could be 1 or many images.
  6. I just logged in for the first time in ages (years), but can't seem to locate my own images. When I click on 'Alamy Image Manager', I'm taken to a 'Thanks for registering as a contributor' page, stepping me through the process of uploading my first images. I've found a link to my images (from the buyer's perspective), so I know they're still there. I just can't find a way to manage them. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  7. Good day to all, I am happy to have passed the QC of my initial 3 photos. I have done the whole process from a smartphone - transfering the photos from PC to iPhone. Later I've uploaded several other photos. Tagging and making them available for sale however is required for me to use the Image Manager which, unfortunately for me, does not work from smartphone; or I was not able to make it work in either iOS Safari or Chrome. I am a seaman and, by job's circumstances, I get to capture some situations not easily accessible to most people. On board vessel access to internet is restricted for me not only by traffic but by means as well - I can only use the phone. While I have a workaround iTunes transfering the photos to the phone without being crippled, I still need some help how to deal with making Image Manager working on my phone. Does anyone have a solution for this? I mean, I heard about profesional photographers shooting on various locations and, after post processing on PC, placing them on sale using their phones. Alamy has no such feature? Thank you in advance, Ciprian
  8. Hello camera ppl, Recently I shot landscape photo and not sure what settings to use on 'Image Manager'? After a search on Alamy for London (&other street photography) I found many Images marked as 'No Properties' on their images, and this made me confused. English is my 5th language and when it comes to using/understanding technical words I can get easily lost Recently I photographed coastal landscape with a church and lighthouse within my image (no ppl). How do I know if I need property release for such buildings and what adjustments best to use in 'Image Manager' - 'Optional tab'?
  9. I mistakenly uploaded an image twice. How do I remove an image using the Alamy Image Manager? There's no delete button!
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