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Found 4 results

  1. Fuji user? Wondering about the latest and greatest? These are my thoughts after road testing it for 12 days at the Cannes Film Festival.. https://jexphotography.wordpress.com/2018/06/02/12-days-in-cannes-with-the-x-h1/
  2. Hello I need some advice by fujifilm users. "Alea jacta est" I bought finally the X-T10, now after a week of use I need some advice. I'm happy because finally I can stay more time with the camera, like others I noticed that the reflex was more and more at home because too heavy and too much "visible" in some contest. The MR is less noticeable and above all light. At the moment in my bag there are the 18-135 and the 35 f2 and they meet my expectations, with time other lenses will be added. I was surprised by how good are the jpeg, but I also prefer the RAW that allow more fine tunes and as proo
  3. Hi Guys, I love this forum and Your professionalism so I'd like to ask You about converting Raw files in Raw File Converter by SILKYPIX because I'd just swaped my C50d and 50-200+Sigma 18-35 lenses to brand new Fuji x100T and be grateful to help me to convert Raw files properly and pass QC. You wonder why and what was the reason I did it..so..beacause of mirrorless body/small dimensions and art films filters. Maybe it was a bad decision but my intuition tell me..You know;-) Any tutorial welcome.. cheers, Artur
  4. I've had a fujifilm x100s for a few months. Hoping it would prove a useful 'carry round' camera that I would be able to use to submit to alamy. My first submissions got through Alamy QC with no problem but my last few have all failed for 'Newtons rings or interference patterns' due to the existence of a very fine grid when viewing at 100%. This grid seems present on all images, even those that passed QC. Here is a 100% segment that shows the grid: I would very much appreciate any advice from anyone. Thanks, Papa.
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