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Found 12 results

  1. Till the past week I have been able to search the contributor forum by inserting by surname in the search box above. This enabled me to find sales, comments etc. No longer it seems, unless I am doing something wrong?? Thank you for any help with this, in advance and thank you to all those continuing to list found usages. Kathy
  2. Hi all, today i was considering we active forum contributors (regular plus some newbie) barely arrive at 500,000 pictures alltogether. What about the others? I mean, in your opinion how is Alamy going for the other 109 millions pictures of contributors never writing in forum threads? Are they just reading tricks and secrets of seniors and then use them for their own or may be they left pictures alone since years? Just wondering what you think. We often say we have to compete with 110 millions pictures then re-keyword and boring activities; are we sure this is the "right" number we have to compete with?
  3. Ok, So we all know that the rates for images are falling but hey, we are all to blame in someway, why? Because we all use open forums where the topic of dismal pricing is openly discussed, buyers who were happy enough to pay a commercial rate for an image a few times a year, now have access to forums such as this. Result they feel shafted and then say they will only pay the lower price. We need to do a number of things, either have the Alamy forum locked to contributors only, where things can be spoken of freely or we all start plastering forums with stories about how great it is we got €200 per image for magazine feature, do this and we set the perceived market price. Think about this if your supermarket had products at one price on the shelf and then a poster on the door saying "guess what, your being shafted, we supply some customers way lower than the checkout price", how long do you think the supermarket would be in business or the queues at customer service would be seeking the heavy discounts? I have said it before, the internet is great but it is too open and drives distribution channels to the point that picture libraries are now. In reality if you asked most company owners, marketing managers how much a full page image for a brochure should be, they would not be able to tell you, but a few clicks around the forums and hey presto they know its 7-20 dollars!
  4. Hello all, I was trying to upload pics to aterras "favorite pictures that you have uploaded may 2016" but can't figure out how to do it. I tried bringing up my media and it said to pick which category to share but none came up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jacob Y.
  5. Hi there, For more than a week, when I log in "My Alamy" and verify "Alamy Measures" for see numbers of views (i.e. 700) and click on "Your images>" find another number of views (i.e. 522); I'm very new here on Alamy, so is normal that numbers of views to be different between "Alamy Measures" and "Your images>" pages and that is not all because during the day the number of views from "Your images>" page vary, increasing or decreasing repeatedly, after pleasure of whom do not know. Please help me to get an answer, because I understand that number of views is important. Regards
  6. I have started a Facebook group for wider discussion of stock and photography business: Professional Stock Photographers as a closed FB group so you will have to request membership but if I know you or you have the credentials I will accept your request asap. I appreciate FB may not be the best format or indeed suit everybody but it has worked for a similar writers group and requires minimal administration (which is where a lot of groups have failed in the past). Judging by the take up I seem to have identified a real need. I am a member of a FB writers' group (now with 340+ members) that spun off from a content publishing site when we needed to discuss matters that were inappropriate on a public forum associated with our publisher. It has turned into a very useful, positive and supportive group that needs no moderation - everyone acts like grown-ups. I hope this group will do the same for photographers. It would be particularly useful to discuss the wider stock and photography market as it seems to be changing (again!) and for us to keep in touch with online friends and colleagues as they move on to other things. It would certainly not replace these Alamy forums or be a place to bitch about Alamy; it should be about the bigger picture, wider opportunities and mutual support generally - the sort of advice we already give and receive by email but in a shared environment.
  7. Does anyone know of a good unaligned stock photographers forum/ discussion group? A place where the discussion can be taken wider than Alamy matters and we can get a broader perspective? I am a member (& back up administrator) of such a group for writers on Facebook - it was spawned when a web site we wrote for changed direction and effectively became non-paying. It has become a very useful, positive and supportive site for nearly 350 writers. I am in no way suggesting that Alamy is going wrong, far from it - Alamy is much better many other places I have submitted, but our discussions are entirely appropriately constrained to Alamy related matters. There are topics I, and I am sure others, would like to discuss that are not appropriate here. I would find such a group a useful adjunct to these forums. Would anybody else?
  8. A separate Stockimo Discussion Area on the Alamy forum would be helpful. Could either be in addition to the current 3 Alamy Discussion Areas, or a separate Category. - Ann
  9. Hi In forum My Profil, My Settings -> Edit Signature section, How do you insert a picture and add a link to the picture? Thanks Sung
  10. When I open up a `preview' of a topic/thread I get the option of `mark as read'...if I then go into the topic I can't do the same from within the topic...I have to backup to enable....seems to be adding a further unnecessary step..... or have I missed something?
  11. There's an interesting discussion on a post in Let's Talk About Pics regarding whether we should or should not discuss image pricing on the forum. It's buried in the July Comp thread. The debate is interesting so i thought it warrants its own thread. I haven't yet formed a view. But the way I see it there are two significant opposing reasons relating to the issue. There may be more. 1. Some could claim that free speech is being stifled were such behaviour to be banned (but remember it is Alamy's forum). And that it's useful for contributors to see what others are getting for their images - it provides comparative data. 2. But by posting low prices for images we could be damaging ourselves. Consider a buyer seeing prices that are currently much lower than they pay. Would that not be a significant lever for the buyer to attempt to get lower pricing when next negotiating their supply contract with Alamy? The danger being that it becomes a steadily decreasing spiral across Alamy's customer base. I'm mainly talking here about buyers with large usage needs. But it could also be a turnoff for any buyer. There are lots of peripheral issues involved I know - image usage, qty discounts, what other agencies are doing etc. But the potential danger is that we exacerbate the problem. As a general principle should we or should we not post on the forum, actual image pricing received?
  12. Whatever happened to the bedlam which used to breakout at weekends on the old forum, much akin to a teacher leaving a class unatended for a few minutes?
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