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Found 3 results

  1. I have done an analysis in Measures on filters used in searches over the past year. 1. 50 searches included [DT] Date Taken. While I can see it obviously matters for some subjects, some searches were very generic (savannah, ocean). Perhaps they meant to look for newly uploaded images and should have used the “New” button instead? This leads me to the following dilemma: if I already have a good number of the same subject uploaded a while back, should I add more of the same, jeopardising my CTR but perhaps leading to a sale? 2. Searches with [MR] Model Released: I was surprised to see th
  2. I'm using my Canon 60D to shoot video, though the question applies to photographs as well. I have to shoot video at 1/50 shutter and I want to keep the aperture between about f5.6 and f11 to avoid a fall off in sharpness. On bright days these settings mean I can't avoid over-exposing. It looks like I'll have to use ND filters to get the correct exposure. I hate using filters as it is just one more thing to carry around and to fiddle with when setting up the shot, so my question is, which type of filter do you find least troublesome in the field - screw in type or square type on a holder?
  3. I've uploaded three photos so far and noticed something with the last one. I applied the iPhone's "Noir" filter to the image, which gives a high contrast black and white effect. It made this image quite dramatic. However, after uploading, the image thumbnail in the Activity section is the unaltered version. iPhone filters are non-destructive, you can go back to the original. Hopefully, the altered image is what uploaded, but if it was the original, this is a problem.
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