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  1. Hi Everyone. So what are Alamy's rules regarding image modification, as in adding or removing objects, people, backgrounds, etc.? Can they be sold for editorial use? Obviously not "news". Do they need to be labeled as modified and if so, where? Stay safe
  2. Hi All another question, am I correct that we are now allowed to do any form of editing on our pictures that we upload such as adjusting colors or touching up light and dark areas or is this OK, looking at a lot of the shots on Alamy I am amazed that they are all straight out of the cameras with no editing? Many thanks Tel
  3. If anyone is interested here are my image stats from a recent 12 day trip to Ireland. 10,747 images shot 2,345 first edit 2,055 final edit It took me two weeks of editing, processing and then editing again. Now I have to add descriptions and keywords/tags.
  4. I really am intrigued with the Forum - photos found in June 2018 etc ... I find it a fascinating feed. Years ago I would deliver my roll of film to the picture desk hopefully negotiate a fee and then go buy the paper in the morning ! As a newbie to Forum is anyone kindly able to explain how photographers can search the internet for possible usage and any tips to mark ones photos when editing ? Really appreciated. Matt / PennPix
  5. I always upload news images as unedited jpegs straight from camera, before i even have a chance to sit in front of the computer. Thinking behind it was that the sooner i upload the better. However, I look at top selling news images that papers print, and many of them clearly were beautifully edited in terms of contrast, color balance etc. What is tge best way: - fast upload but unedited images which dont stand out? - still fast upload with basic editing on the phone/tabletnto make them look "better than bland"? - slower upload but edited so that they stand out relally well? My question i guess here is what is your workflow, and do you find one way generating more sales that the other?
  6. Dear Members, So far I have around 600 pics in my portfolio and none of these have been edited on laptop or desktop. All are edited on Lightroom mobile (that's it). The only issue I face is mobile storage which is limited. I do have G-raid 4 TB, which I connect directly to my mobile via USB connector and import all edited files, whenever I get storage issue. I have tried Lightroom cc on my wife's laptop but I didn't like, I was not comfortable using laptop. I am living with two growing kids and I don't have a separate room to sit relax and edit on laptop, So most of my Editing is on the move. I am very comfortable with my phone editing but only issue is small screen, where every picture looks perfect, sharp and spot free. I want to see my pictures on big screen to best decide which one is good enough and ready to go to alamy QC, so I decided to buy iPad pro. Just curious if any one else out there has workflow suggestions without using laptop/desktop ?
  7. Hi All, Looking for your opinions on best photo editors for use with iPad pro. There’s a lot out there - Photoshop, Pixelmator, Affinity etc etc. I’m finding it hard to decide what to go with. I think i’m going to need an Apple pencil too. Thanks, ACC
  8. I would value some input on the shooting format my fellow contributors use. I currently shoot everything in RAW format with almost all camera with little or no in camera processing etc. This means I must must edit every image before submission etc and this makes for a very laborious and time consuming process. I have very recently been looking at samples of a friends portfolio shot with a quality Lumix compact camera in JPEG format and his results are very impressive indeed even without much post shoot processing. This holds good even for images printed on large canvasses and on display in his home. I would love to hear some responses and comments on the merits and demerits of JPEG shooting for stock photography purposes. Any constructive criticism or advice will be gratefully received. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I would like to be able to keyword from my phone during idle moments but, unfortunately, my iPhone does not permit me to do this as the screen display is all garbled and gibberish (Safari and Chrome browsers). Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile phone that allows you to edit, add, delete keywords? It would save lots of time during those idle moments stuck on trains or when waiting in queues! MTIA. John :-)
  10. I uploaded 9 photos on 7 jun and ond the left side it showing : 9 in qc 9 passed. I still cant edit them. I have more uploaded files 2-3 days after and they are still in qc. Is it normal or i shoud contact someone? Sorry i am still new here. Thanks
  11. Hi Community ... I am trying to find a photo editing software that is easy to use, produces high quality images, and does not require a monthly user fee (like the newest versions of Photoshop & Lightbox). I know Adobe Photoshop and Lightbox are the industry standard and produce exceptional results, I find them difficult and timely to use, and I do not always get the results I want. I like how easy Microsoft Photo Editor works, even though it is limited, but it compacts the image too much. I am also using an older version of Lightbox 5.7.1 64 bit, but it no longer imports RAW files for newer camera models and I am using a Canon T6s and the new Canon D5 Mark IV. I am very reluctant to buy the online version of Photoshop because I don't believe the $10 a month fee will stay that low for long and once enough people are purchasing the online version the cost will go up significantly. So, here is my discussion topic. What stand-alone software would you recommend for post production, that produces high quality images, does not compact the file size too much, and is easy to use (like MIcrosoft Photo Editor or Google Picasa)? I also would like to find a software that allows me to import one image at a time, instead of batching photos; and preserves the original image without overwriting edits. It would be nice if it also imported Canon RAW files for editing (right now I import in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, then edit in either Lightbox or for non-stock images Microsoft Photo Editor). Let the discussion begin ... Thanks. Kristi Kisler
  12. Whats up everyone! I have been running through my photography and realized I have over 20,000 photos offline. And in my completely unbiased viewpoint, some of them seem to be worth selling. I have pulled up a site that walked through the top 10 sites to use for this type and Alamy came up high in the rankings. Heres the thing, I have very little idea what I am doing. I learn fast though and I don't want to waste a ton of time. Is there a top tricks and tips forum to help me get started on this process of getting my pictures past Quality? Also, editing, how important is this? Would you recommend I spend a lot of time editing photos or should I just place them out as is and hope for the best. Any of your advice would be awesome. Thanks and look forward to speaking with you all!
  13. Out of curiosity how much editing do you guys do to photos before submitting them? So you crop and tweak things or do you try to keep it close to the original and let the buyers edit things how they like. I was looking at cropping some of my photos to remove some of the surrounding landscape but I found if I get too liberal with the cropping I wont make the required sizes on the photos... for instance if I used say the 16x10 preset in lightroom cropping then I cut sizes awfully close.. if it makes any difference my initial photos are 5184x3456.... as for what I would want to crop em to depends a lot on the photos of course... the closer I can get to the subject the less I would want to crop I imagine a lot of this will come with more experience but for now Im taking a tactic of less editing is better, just not sure if thats the right move or not. Also will adjusting say the exposure get me rejected? for instance I was taking pictures on a sunny day and a cloud came overhead and I failed to adjust my camera settings... if I adjust say the exposure to brighten things up a bit is that wrong? Another issue Ive had, spot removal... say I got a picture of some wildlife playing and a piece of wood was close to them that looked terrible... honestly it looked like a turd lol but it was part of a branch.... it was in a nice grassy area. Can I use spot removal to get rid of that stick and make it look like just more grass or will that get me disqualified as well? Yes I know I should try to adjust things when I take pictures so I dont run into these problems but sometimes wildlife just wont cooperate with my plans...wont let me get too close, sitting in the wrong spots, etc.... the jerks So yeah, how much pre submission editing do you guys actually do? at the moment I do most my work in lightroom but I also have photoshop if I need it. Thanks.
  14. Occasionally, I've strayed over the 600 word count (usually when I've filed News and added the copyright details at the end), only realising this after upload. So I've tried to edit the caption in MI but it seems locked and so cannot amend any part of the caption at that point. The errant files therefore end unceremoniously mid-sentence and minus the copyright/news credit. Anyone else? Rgds, Richard.
  15. This might make a few people laugh on a dark grey Monday morning So I've been a member of Alamy a few years now, started as I covered some live music & occasional live news with a little bit of stock, gradually adding more images and I now have 2000 images up, but the pain of adding keywords etc and not understanding them, the search engine, what sells etc, All this meant I wondered how people with much larger collections spent the time editing & adding keywords etc as my way was very slow, going from image to image copy and pasting, permissions etc But...I've Just discovered batch edit!!! Doh!!
  16. Hello, I have been using GIMP 2 as my editing software but find if insuffcient in some areas. Do any of you have a suggestion of a better free editing software? Thanks, Jacob Y.
  17. Whatever contributors think of the new suggestion of similar images that come up with a zoom, could the 'edit' option for the photographer please be put BEFORE the other images - I've just been adding a keyword to several of mine and it requires a lot of scrolling.
  18. Hi everyone, Ive had an odd problem uploading to Stockimo on and off over the last year. Sometimes if I edit a picture using standard Apple iOS software (open from pictures and hit edit) Stockimo can no longer see the modified image. My workaround has been to open in photoshop or snapseed to resave but sometimes it decides these are the ones it dosent like today, an today is one of those days! Anyone else had this? Im on an iPhone 6 Thanks Matt
  19. Want to use your iPad more whilst out and about? This is how I do it... https://jexphotography.wordpress.com/2015/08/13/as-a-press-photographer-i-need-to-be-able-to-send-images-to-the-paper-as-fast-as-possible-mostly-even-as-the-news-item-event-is-ongoing-when-working-with-an-ipad-i-have-basically-2-different-work/
  20. Is it important that I use photo editing software on all of my pictures? I really prefer not to alter my pictures too much, if at all, because I want to show my abilities as a photographer, not a Photoshop artist. I understand that sometimes I will need to edit out blemishes/spots in the pictures, but from what I've heard, it sounds like if I don't do a lot of editing, I won't see many of my photos approved here. I submitted my first 3 30 hours ago and I am currently waiting for them to get out of QC, and I am afraid that they won't be approved. So the real question here is: Am I going to see a lot of rejected photos if I only use editing software on a few of my pictures? I can send you one or two of my photos if that will help.
  21. I think this is pretty good advice: http://petapixel.com/2014/04/24/kill-darlings-3-techniques-thatll-help-honestly-evaluate-work/#more-134426
  22. To give some background first before I set off, I've been working in IT for the last 6-7 years. A systems admin for a school so I'm always surrounded by kit. Servers, laptops, pc's tablets, phones, you name it, I'm responsible for it. I used to build my own computers, and up until about 3 years ago I haven't really kept my nose to the ground on what's hot and what's not in the world of personal computing. Business and personal computing are two totally different worlds with regards to PC's specs and desirable equipment. I'm part in charge of a £250k year IT budget so you need to make sure you're getting value for money. Anyway. I bought an off the shelf laptop the other day to replace my really old Acer laptop. It wasn't a slouch on spec but the 5400rpm HDD that was in it, really sucked the life right out of it. I took it back for a refund. I'm now looking to either build myself a monster of a computer based on an Intel Core i7/DDR3 system or just walk into Apple and buy a 21" imac off the shelf with 16Gb of RAM in it. I've hardly used MAC OS but would get used to it, and I've heard that your workflow really comes to life on a MAC. The guy I work with says you can get more for less building your own, and I kind of agree, but it's the hassle of it all. I was going to get an SSD based system, however, Apples Fusion Drive sounds quite promising. I should note however, that this system is going to be running Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 at the same time. What does everyone else use? Are you happy? What is the spec? Cheers for the advice, Paul
  23. Are Adobe killing the goose that lays the golden eggs? The latest news on the street is that Adobe is discontinuing its Creative Suite of standalone products and making them available via subscription only. This means that you will no longer be able to purchase the latest version of Photoshop and use it for years to come. Instead, you're going to have to pay $49.99 a month for the privilege. And if you stop paying you won't be able to use Photoshop any more. http://www.iclarified.com/29809/adobe-discontinues-standalone-applications-moves-to-subscription-only-model Well ... thanks Adobe, but no thanks. No more 'upgrades' for me. I'll be using my old version of Photoshop into the foreseeable future now. It does everything I need, anyway.
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