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Found 2 results

  1. The U.S. is currently negotiating a new free trade agreement. It is called The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. The negotiations are secret so the only documents available have been leaked. Part of the agreement covers Intellectual Property rights and extension of Copyright. This website is vehemently against it, but it sounds like a positive step for photographers and other content providers. I would be nice if there were more countries as signatories to the treaty as it would require them to adopt U.S. copyright laws. Trade unions here in the U.S. are opposed to the agreement, probably with good reason as it open up new countries for exploitation by business and the offshoring of factories and jobs. Millions of good paying manufacturing jobs have left the country now and wages here are at a historical low. I thought this may be of interest to all the content providers here. You can Google TPP for more info. Here is a BBC article.
  2. I was just about to issue a DMCA notice to a WordPress blogger, when I noticed the last statement that I must confirm before issuing the notice: WHAT! So WordPress (http://automattic.com) now require that I have to release all my personal contact information to a stranger who has already proved that they believe themselves to be above the (copyright) law (or at best - and usually more likely - to be ignorant of it), so that I may enforce my rights? Clearly, few copyright owners will want to release personal details to infringers except as a last resort. Are WordPress trying to appease bloggers who believe that everything is/should be free on the Web or are they trying to lower their admin. costs or a little of both? This is something new, no? I certainly do not recall it being there before, and am not sure of it's validity within the bounds of the DMCA. Is this another nail in the coffin of copyright owners retaining ownership of their own work? Are we all expected to roll over and play dead, now? It certainly put me off submitting the form - which is clearly its intention.
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