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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to Alamy and this is my first post here. However I'm not asking a question, as such, but recounting something I discovered. I did look for a solution here (on this forum) but didn't find it, so maybe this post will be helpful to someone that has a similar issue to my own. So - my starting point is that I had noticed that looking at my images on Alamy as a client would, they seemed to have an over-saturated look to them that was not representative of the colour balance as I had set it in Photoshop/ACR. By way of background, I shoot to Nikon raw (.nef) with an sRGB colour space, do any colour balance adjustment in ACR and export to jpeg using the 'Export as' dialog in Photoshop CC. What I was doing: In the 'Export as' dialog I was selecting 'Embed Color Profile'. I was leaving 'Convert to sRGB' de-selected because my files were already sRGB and my view is that converting something to something it already is is a recipe for degrading it. I embedded the color profile because I noticed that the preview shown didn't look right (it looked over-saturated) unless I did. Anyway - I emailed the contributor support email, who I have to say, have been consistently and remarkably helpful and swift in response. I was told that their upload process ignores any embedded ICC profile, which is something worth knowing. They also told me that there was no need to 'Convert to sRGB'. However - I had, in the interim, done some tests of my own. What I discovered is that, if I have 'Embed Color Profile' de-selected, then selecting 'Convert to sRGB' resulted in output jpegs whose colours matched the Photoshop/raw file, whereas having 'Convert to sRGB' de-selected resulted in over-saturated jpegs, like the ones I was seeing on Alamy. ...so I am going to re-upload my images. Luckily there's not many of them! If you think I have something wrong here - feel free to tell me! Or if there is a better way of working - same applies.
  2. As a new contributor, I would like to know if ProPhoto RGB is an acceptable color space. Or, if I must use Adobe RGB (1998). Or, if either color space is deemed acceptable. Please advise.
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