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Found 5 results

  1. Scenario is that two wild Vervet Monkeys had got into a gift shop of a lodge in Kruger NP through green netting which was supposed to keep them out (there often seemed to be vervets on top of the netting, looking in), and one was sitting unwrapping and examining one of the gifts while another watched on. Maybe no-one would ever want it (who can tell?), but I don't think my keywords are highlighting the specific situation: Caption: Two Vervet Monkeys, Chlorocebus pygerythrus, inside a gift shop attached to a lodge in Kruger NP, South Africa, inside the green protective netting. Keywords: Search stock photos by tags africa, gift shop, green net, kruger national park, mammal, monkey, monkeys, nature, netting, no people, out of place, primate, primates, protection, sitting, south africa, southern africa, two animals, vervet, vervet monkey, watching, where it shouldnt be, wild, animal, wildlife, Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks
  2. Hey all, it's about a year ago that I made my first submission to Alamy. With over 6000 photos online and with only a few sales yet I'm thinking about improving keywords and captions. Do you have any ideas what I can do better, should avoid or what mistakes I should definitely correct? Please note that I have already read the guides on keywording on Alamy. Or do I just need more patience? Cheers, Caspar
  3. Hi all how to put the caption on a photo editioral? should it put the date of shooting or not? city and country first or last? what is the correct wording ?? thanks a lot for your help
  4. Hi all, Here's a strange thing that maybe someone else will have come across. Normally for copy and paste I would use CMD + C and CMD + V on my Mac However, in the "Caption" field of AIM, if I want to copy the caption, or even part of it, and paste to another image, I have to right click and then select "copy" from the dropdown. CMD + C doesn't work. In the image where I wasn't to paste it I can go CMD +V and it will paste it in OK Is CMD + C not working for anyone else in the "caption" field?
  5. Im sure this has been covered but i can't really find an answer quickly. If I'm uploading a few pictures that are similar is there any way I can copy and paste my tags onto more than one photo at a time?
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