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  1. Hi Everybody, Firstly, I think it's great Alamy has such a tight QC and the contributor interface is brilliant. As an amateur, having sold regularly on Microstock sites and got up to about 80% acceptance rate, I felt ready to try Alamy and wondered what a good batch size might be? 100 would be much too big as I'd very probably have 1 or more fail and lose the whole batch... and have to wait 10 days before trying again? To put them up individually seems too small and every time one fails you lose another ten days. I'd thought 5 might be a good nu
  2. Hi there, I am new here and have a question about "what is a batch". Yesterday I did in my eyes 2 batches: A batch with one picture (which was not taken because of type of the camera). One of my most seen photos (>60.000 seen) at 500px, they didn't accept. Ok. I can accept this. And later in the evening another batch with photos made with my Nikon D800. Alma seems to see it as one batch?! Is this really true? Now I am in a frozen state, which is also new for me. Why is that? Regards, Johannes
  3. My first post of the "new" Forum and I'm I'm hoping that someone can help with a problem that I've recently encountered... Over the years that I've been shooting stock, I've kept to the same work-flow...shoot RAW, process the images and save them as Tif files; then append the copyright details, captions and keywords to the meta-data using PS (CS4) Bridge. When the images are finished, I convert them to Jpegs and upload to the relevant agency. Recently, I realised that some of my earlier work (about 350 images) would be greatly improved if I re-processed them from the original RAW files. The
  4. I just had a large batch of images passed QC! They had been waiting since May 30th, so I was getting a bit apprehensive! I know QC delays sometimes occur, but we are not always told about these! Maybe there was a bit of a backlog built up? Mine usually pass through in 1-2 days, excluding the weekends. In addition, I uploaded a second batch before the first had cleared, something I don't usually do! Much relief all round, and several days of key-wording now to be done!
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