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Found 4 results

  1. At last! Its been a long while coming but finally we can import images directly from a camera/card into Lightroom Mobile on an iPad! I'm often asked about iPad Workflows. This is my first post on the latest Lightroom Mobile updates which have made a huge difference to the workflow. More next week... https://julieedwards-x.blog/2020/01/04/direct-import-from-cards-in-lightroom-mobile/ NOW A 3 POST SERIES!
  2. I have been trying to decide whether to use the Adobe Portfolio that comes with the Photography subscription. I know it never hurts to have your images out there on as many platforms as possible, but wonder if it is worth the time an effort. I have a website at the moment (I use Piwigo) but am always considering upgrading to something like Zenfolio, etc. Anyone using the Adobe Portfolio, and if so, what do you think of it? Jill
  3. Last month’s billing, who knows maybe before, I was charged for Adobe CC every 2 weeks. Again on this billing. The odd thing is that on my credit card bill, both charges have the identical plan number. I just contacted Adobe customer support and became involved in a chat. BTW, if you are looking for an arrow or “send” button to send your part of the conversation, you won’t find it. Anyway, I didn’t. I fumbled around forever then hit “return” and it went. Ok, back to the subject. Turns out I was being charged, #1 for the CC plan, #2 for 20 Gb of storage!! That I never knowingly signed up for, and never used, and didn’t know I had. I could see several threads in the Adobe forum complaining of double charges, too. I don’t understand how this happened unless Adobe sneaked something in a survey, which I did take once. Just a warning to check your debit card, credit card or whatever. I got it resolved, they are taking that plan off, and I’ll have a check in the mail soon. Geesh. Betty
  4. I often go back and reprocess old images or even more recent ones that I think I can improve or make a different version of for Alamy. After watching this video I learned that there is another reason to turn your attention to older photos. I like to think my processing skills have improved and I know the software has gotten better. He talks about color rendering and demosaicing have improved for older cameras, He states towards the end of the video that Capture One and Lightroom have evolved over the years to give better results making it worthwhile to revisit those older images.
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