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  1. Hi, I have thousands upon thousands of high quality 35mm colour slides. Many of these of jet aircraft taken from the cockpit of fighter aircraft in the air. For the first time I sent a scan of a 35mm slide to QC, and it failed because of noise. This is despite the fact I used the 'reduce noise' function in Photoshop. How can I get rid of this noise please. Thanks, Robbie
  2. Is anybody using the Nikon 35mm 1.8 DX AF-S? I've recently bought one and it shows a lot of CA where my 16-85 DX doesn't. Most images need CA correction using the advanced tools in LR rather than the Lens Profile dealing with it automatically. My 50mm 1.8 DX didn't suffer from it at all. It's too time consuming to fix it in post when my other lens can do the job better. Have I got a bad copy or is this a common issue with this lens? Thanks