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  1. I've read all the monitor discussions here and a ton online and know BenQ and Eizo are highly recommended. The BenQ I thought I'd decided on isn't available anywhere in the US and may be backordered for a while. I can't even order one. So, I'm considering the ASUS ProArt PA329C 32" which is 4K at 3840x2160. I understand that 3840x2160 on a 32" monitor is a better fit to the Mac's native resolution that on a 27" 4K monitor. It is adjustable 5"+ in height so the top will be at a good level for my eyes. (I wanted a 24" originally because I didn't realize they were height adjustable, unlike my iMac) I've been selling large prints lately so a 32" screen will let me see my photos almost as large as they are often printed (usu 20" x 30", sometimes up to 7 feet long). I often have to convert to sRGB for various labs but I still do my initial processing in AdobeRGB and assume wide gamut monitors will become the norm. The "budget" 27" Eizo is $1,300 and got poor reviews. This ASUS (at 32" and $1,077) got excellent reviews but all I've heard about in terms of photo monitors is to go with Eizo or BenQ and also that I should be editing at Quad not Ultra HD - however, given that I'm editing files that are 9504 x 6336 pixels, is this advice still correct? And won't most art consultants and interior designers be viewing my files on their 4K monitors? I'm afraid that with a lower resolution screen even the Quad BenQ 27" (currently unavailable anyway), I'll end up oversharpening my files which given their size would probably be worse than undersharpening. Thoughts? I usually get good advice from B&H but they kept sending me to the computer folks, the first said I didn't need wide gamut and recommended a budget-friendly 100% sRGB BenQ; the second recommended a Lenovo which got mixed reviews. The ASUS ProArt 32" is $1,077 so it's a substantial investment. If I have to run it at Quad rather than 4K I might wait for the BenQ to be back in stock, though the ASUS got better reviews and would give me more real estate to view my large files. I was also looking at ViewSonic - anyone know about them? They've gotten good reviews although there was some question about whether they work properly with the M1 chip (I want to be able to use it with a future computer obviously). I went on their site to schedule a video demo. Anyone have one of their monitors? So, any thoughts: 1. on the ASUS ProArt PA329C 32"? 2. On ViewSonic monitors? 3. On whether it's okay to edit ultra high resolution photos on an UHD screen? (and turn it down to Quad for my smaller files?)
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