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  1. We've been given a huge list by a major client of some common areas where Canadian images are specifically required. Now usually we would tweet out individual needs via @alamycontent however as this is such a big list, we thought we'd post it here. So, if you happen to be visiting Canada or are lucky enough to live there, here is a sexy shoot list of content you can get your teeth stuck into knowing full well that a major picture buyer is specifically looking for this stuff on Alamy. Enjoy! People · Canadian politicians and other public figures · Canadian celebrities (actors, athletes, writers, etc.) · Aboriginal peoples o Inuit children in outdoor activity settings o Indigenous peoples in multicultural crowd setting o Indigenous ceremonies (Canadian location sweat lodges, potlatches, shaman using sacred pipe in a Canadian province, sun dance on the prairies, etc.) in a modern setting · Muslim woman in a hijab in any well-known Canadian setting Classrooms · groups of students with showing a multicultural mix · classroom setting with at least one Muslim girl in a jilbāb · no American flags, posters, etc. · Canadian spelling/content in posters on wall, writing on blackboard/whiteboard, etc. Urban life · general street scenes, especially Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, but also other major cities · city neighbourhoods with no American markers (licence plates on cars, public transit, signs, retailers, etc.) · ethnically diverse populations in street scenes · major city waterfronts, parks · major shopping malls/areas (West Edmonton Mall, Toronto Eaton Centre, outdoor markets) Transportation · Toronto’s subway and streetcars (current and new designs) · Vancouver’s SkyTrain · traffic scenes with Canadian licence plates · Canadian road signs, with units in kilometres, no interstate/route symbols, possibly with Canadian locations, etc. · Air Canada, Porter Airlines, VIA Rail, Bombardier Landscape/distinct geography · Canadian scenery, such as forests or lakes that are or look Canadian · Canadian rock formations (Alberta’s Hoo Doos, Nova Scotia’s Balancing Rock, etc.) · National Parks · Alberta oil sands Landmarks · prominent buildings (Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, provincial government buildings, major museums and galleries, other well-known architecture) · prominent structures (PEI causeway, Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver, etc.) · bilingual signs Businesses and products · Canadian businesses/logos, such as Canadian Tire, Tim Horton's, Danier Leather, Petro Canada, SportChek, Lululemon, Peller Estates (or other wineries) · Canadian product shots (e.g., McCain's) · products in bilingual (English/French) packaging · gas stations with Canadian prices Money and banking · Canadian banks and banking · Canadian currency, on its own and in informal store/cashier/exchange images · Canadian credit cards · Canadian tax forms (business tax returns/personal returns forms) · Canada Savings Bonds Canadian news events · major demonstrations in Canadian locations (e.g., Occupy protest in Toronto rather than New York) · weather events (flooding, ice storms) · seal hunt protesters · press conferences (e.g., government or business announcements, criminal justice) Science · generic items that show metric units (e.g., a weather forecast with measurements in Celsius; also measuring tapes, rulers, scales, speedometer, etc.) · minerals and metals in Canadian soil · Canadian Space Agency Cheers Alamy
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